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50 Years Ago Today Berry Gordy Founded His Record Company

This morning Kelly sent me a Tweet that today was the day Motown Records founder Berry Gordy incorporated his first record label,  Tamla Records.

A year later Tamla became Motown Records and the rest is history. Dozens of top 10 hits. Millions of records sold. Detroit became an international leader in the music industry and the hits of Motown are songs that we’re all still singing today. 

It all started with a dream. I’m assuming everyone knows about Motown Records, but if not I linked to the Wikipedia page above. Check it out and teach yourself some history. Even if you don’t like the Motown sound, you have to respect the awesome machine Berry Gordy built with his own hands.

And since we just finished the Christmas season, I thought I’d share my all time FAVORITE Motown song – Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer by the Temptations. This is a jam.

Thanks for all the great tunes, Mr. Gordy.

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