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Helping Haiti: Do You Give A Shirt?

Helping Haiti: do you give a shirt?By Bilal Saeed

We all have our own idea about the meaning of "making a difference" but making a difference really comes down to one thing: positive impact.

Since officially entering the exciting world of entrepreneurship in January of 2008, I immediately realized the freedom and flexibility that came along with the great deal of responsibilities.  At first, I assumed this freedom meant that I could work when I wanted to, wear what I wanted to work, and basically do whatever I wanted to!

But it wasn't long before I realized that the true meaning of being an entrepreneur is being able to control your own destiny.  Among the great deal of responsibilities that come with launching a new product, or penetrating a new market, comes the responsibility to be a leader in your community, both local and globally.  Whether times are tough, or revenues are record setting, making a difference found its way to the top of my priority list. 
In 2009 we were able to launch two successful and charitable events like the Ford Lake Frozen Leap benefiting the American Heart Association, and the Discilanti Open benefiting SOS Community Services.  We immediately began seeing the impact in our community, but more so within ourselves and our business.  Even though these events had little or nothing to do with our business, it definitely helped us as entrepreneurs, in terms of controlling our own destiny.  Making a difference is a privilege and that's why I continue to involve myself in efforts that have a positive impact. 

The latest project I'm working on that involves making a difference has already been a great experience for me.  Partnering with 3 GREAT, YOUNG, ENERGETIC organizations made this project super fun.  Initially, my business partner Tim Adkins and I were thinking about how we could do something for the people of Haiti- but we knew our resources were very limited, and tons of people were already doing things.  During a meeting with a company we have a great relationship with, CreateMyTee.com, we mentioned that we wanted to do something and by the end of the meeting the ball was rolling.  It took us about 10 total days to get the designs together, decide which charities we would have as an option to donate to, create marketing for the product, and make sure that we were all on the same page.  It wasn't easy, and we weren't sure how our audience would respond, but within hours of going live with the project, we had placed over 10 orders for shirts!

Being part of the next generation comes with great responsibility, and it begins by always asking the question, "How can I help?" It's organizations, like CreateMyTee.com, Peninsular Place Apartments, the Women's Volleyball team at Harcum College, and one of my companies – uSurvive.com – who have making a difference at the top of their priority list that will prosper in the end. 

Thanks to each one of the organizations that worked on this project with us, and a special thanks to the CreateMyTee.com team who made this all happen in a quick turnaround time. 
I'd be lying if I said that giving, and making a difference didn't make me feel better about who I am as a person- but I always try to remember that making a difference is all about doing the right thing, and making a positive impact!
Please- visit our website, buy a shirt, tell your friends and family, and help us make a difference today!

Editor's Note: Bil was formerly an intern at Quicken Loans, so we're very proud to support him and his generous endeavors. Keep up the awesome work!

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