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The New Face(s) of Quizzle

The New Face of Quizzle

You see those ugly mugs? Those intense, manly, hairy faces are the result of some serious hard work.

The fine folks down in Quizzle Town have been pulling late nights to re-launch their namesake with a brand new look. It went live today – a visual masterpiece, a sheer work of art, all designed by the DIFF Design Doctor himself – Mr. Chris Kaufman.

And yet, behind that pretty new face lies one of the most easy-to-use personal finance sites with an interface so light and clean it can practically read your mind. The site is incredibly intuitive and you walk away every time knowing you've learned something. And we all know Quizzle remains the only place on the internet to get your free credit score & free credit report. Seriously. No strings attached, no goofy trial period membership. Quizzle is yours for free for as long as you like to use it. Or stare at it because it's so pretty. Like I do. What? I like pie charts.

And the ugly mugs, you ask? Why do I subject you to such a photo? The typically clean-shaven, boyish good looks of the Quizzle men were traded in weeks ago in for the rally beards you see above. All the men agreed to quit shaving until the site went live. They banded together like brothers in a fit of unity, a show of anticipation, for the re-launch of Quizzle. And now that it's live, the hunting trip can end and Quizzle CEO Todd Albery can go back to looking 10 years younger than he is.

DIFF readers, go check out the new Quizzle. Let 'em know what you think. And congrats to the entire Quizzle team – you have a beautiful, smart site that is truly one of the most useful things to grace the interwebz.

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