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Quicken Loans 1st Annual Wellness Fair

Last month Quicken Loans hosted their 1st Annual Wellness Fair. The fair brought together various vendors and benefit providers such as Cigna Medical, Vision Service, Metlife Dental, Compuware, Powerhouse Gym, Botsford Hospital, and YMCA.

In addition to the multiple venders who were at the Wellness Fair there were free biometrics screenings where employees could get readings of their cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and height, plus numerous healthy give-away prizes such as free frozen yogurt from Swirlberry, multiple Wii Fits, yoga mats, weights, stretch bands, Wii consoles, healthy recipe books, back massages and more.

Check out the video below where Quicken Loans Benefit Analyst, Erin Eiseman, discusses the happenings of the Wellness Fair.

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