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Biggby Birthday Love – Free Coffee!

BiggbySo there are coffee shops, and then there's Biggby. Why is Biggby better? Let me count the ways:

  1. They're a Michigan-based company (I love to give business to my fellow Michiganders).
  2. They have a fantastic understanding of what it means to provide stellar customer service – evident in their company culture and the way they reach out to clients via social media like twitter and facebook.
  3. Our CMO Stu Davis is a devout Biggby drinker, thanks to their fantastic customer service (see #2 and this).
  4. Because Biggby Bob, the CEO of Biggby, is a cool guy and an innovative, hands-on entrepreneur.  
  5. They are the fastest growing coffee franchise in the Midwest, in an economic climate where many businesses are struggling – which proves they are doing something right!
  6. Their website rocks.
  7. They have super yum coffee drinks.

Are you convinced yet? No?

Then how about this? They are giving away a FREE specialty beverage -  today only – in honor of their 15th birthday!

Now who gives OTHERS a gift on their own birthday? (I told you they were special!)

Happy Birthday, Biggby! Raising my cup to you!

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  1. I am a regular on the biggbybob blog. It struck me that the first thing you say about Biggby is that it is a Michigan company. I think business people in Michigan tend to minimize this. It is important in these times to stick together and consumers in Michigan will make choices based on this alone.

    Posted by: halfbakedmusings | March 16, 2010

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