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My New Keeshond Puppy

Me and puppy After waiting for 8 weeks for my puppy to be old enough to fly, last Friday, I finally picked her up from the airport. I was excited to see her after waiting for so long. She was flown to my boyfriend and me from a Keeshond breeder in Tennessee, Nancy Hopkins.

Nancy was amazing! She checked in every step of the way and walk me through the entire process. She never complained when I asked for pictures or when I consistently emailed her to make sure the puppy was doing okay. She even sent me a video of the puppy so that I could watch her play with her siblings. When I picked the puppy up from the airport, her crate was nicely set up with a drinking cup stabilized inside for the puppy’s use, a bag of food attached to the roof of the crate for us to feed her with, and a cute stuffed bunny was inside for her to draw comfort from and entertain herself. Nancy had even made sure to attach all the puppy’s vet papers and additional information to the outside of the crate. The night we picked our puppy up Nancy called to make sure that everything went okay and the she arrived safely.

The puppy, which we consequently named Griffey (although she is a girl), was named after my boyfriends favorite baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. To our satisfaction, our other dog, a Golden Retriever named Kenze, is absolutely in love with her and they play constantly every day. I would recommend anyone looking for a Keeshond to get in contact with Nancy Hopkins by emailing her at Hopkins_Nancy@yahoo.com.

For more information on Keeshonds click HERE.

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  1. Woah… she’s.. she’s pink!!!! I knew trolls were real!! But wait.. were’s the big hair…?

    Posted by: Olivia | January 13, 2012
  2. The Keeshond puppy my sister and brother-in-law are getting from Nancy sometime in August(flight to Omaha has to be booked) will be the fourth in our family. Her breed name is Bella Bear and she will keep all or part of that name as her name. I hope you have found much joy in your Kees, especially now that she’s an adult. My sister and brother-in-law recently lost “our” Kees to a brain tumor(never heard of a Kees with that) and we were all heart-broken as Bella Donna was not yet 10 and was still very much a puppy at heart. thanks to the frequent visits of my great-niece 4 1/2 and great nephew, 3. Bella Donna was the best of our Kees and was so great with the kids. This Kees will be spoiled even more than our previous ones as my brother-in-law Jimmy is retired and the grandkids visit often and they all have lots of friends.

    Cindy Abel

    Posted by: Cindy Abel | July 20, 2015

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