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Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass Video

Ok Go, is a rock band that I have been in love with since first viewing their “Here It Goes Again” performance on the MTV Music Awards in 2007, which was done entirely on treadmills. It was amazing to say the least. Since then the band has produced and performed a series of outstanding videos for their songs.

However, none have been truly as amazing as the “Here It Goes Again” performance, until now. Ok Go has just released two videos to their latest hit song “This Too Shall Pass”. The first video is the official one and was filmed in a two story warehouse with a machine that was designed by the band and members of Synn Labs. The next video although unofficial, is just as amazing and was filmed live with the Notre Dame marching band. I have posted the first one below and have attached a link below to the second video. After watching both please comment to let me know which one you like better. Personally, it’s a tough call, but I think I like the official one with the machine. Either way the song is great!

To view the second “This Too Shall Pass” video click HERE or to see the “Here It Goes Again” video click HERE.

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  1. I love Rube Goldberg. (Google him)

    Posted by: Chris Kaufman | March 14, 2010
  2. Great video, I love the first one. Amazing how one little thing can start a chain reaction!

    Posted by: Kriste | March 18, 2010

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