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Quicken Loans customer service featured in PRWeek webinar – From Foe to Friend

Quicken Loans customer service featured in PRWeek webinar: From Foe to Friend - Turning online critics into brand ambassadorsI like to think we've done some innovative stuff here at Quicken Loans regarding online customer service and social media. It's been a passion of ours for several years now and it's great when results come back and get noticed.

Earlier this month Quicken Loans was featured in a WOMMA webinar about online customer service. I'm also be on the faculty of the upcoming WOMMA School of WOM in May in Chicago (I highly urge everyone with an interest in word of mouth marketing to attend the School of WOM – you'll be happy you did).

And next week Quicken Loans has been asked to sit on the panel of PRWeek's webinar - From Foe to Friend: Turning online critics into brand ambassadors.

It's a free webinar and I recommend signing up. You'll get some great advice and best practices from four online customer service experts, including our own Kelly LaVaute.

Don't miss it! You can sign up here.

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