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Sony PlayStation Develops Character Modeled After Hans Smith, an Avid Player With Cerebral Palsy

Sony Playstation creates virtual baseball player based on man with cerebral palsyWhat a cool story.

Amy Prior, the former DIFF Ninja, sent this to me and I want to share with you all.

Hans Smith, a 22-year old college student with cerebral palsy, has never set foot on a baseball diamond. He's never held a bat or thrown a ball.

He can't.

But he can play virtual baseball using Sony's PlayStation, and that he does well. He loves it so much he wrote Sony and letter telling them how grateful he was for the opportunity to experience baseball, even though his physical limitations prevented him from playing.

Sony employees were so moved by the letter that they modeled a team player on the virtual Cardinals after Hans Smith.

You can read the entire story here on ABC News.

Props to Sony for making a normal guy feel like a hero. I'm proud to say I own a PlayStation.

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