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Future Midwest Conference Makes A Difference In Detroit

Change is happening in Detroit, are you a part of it?

That was the theme of the first annual Future Midwest conference, held this past weekend in Royal Oak, Mich. Headlined by former Digg CEO and native Detroiter Jay Adelson, the conference focused on growing businesses and spurring local entrepreneurs by bringing together the best and brightest digital minds from across the country.

From digital marketing to PR and social media, Future Midwest addressed how technology can be used to lift Detroit and pave the way for its future. As the conference’s keynote speaker, Adelson framed a positive vision for Detroit and urged young creatives to seize their opportunity.

“If you want to make a difference in Detroit, I would say think about those limits that have been set for you — anything you’ve been told is impossible — find one and break it, because there’s no people better qualified to do that than the people in this room,” he says.

Marred by economic woes and a poor public image, Detroit needs to overcome many negative stereotypes.  Overcoming these challenges starts with every conversation and interaction that Detroiters have with those outside the city.  Whether it’s with friends, investors, or business leaders, it’s our job to be the change that Detroit needs.

“This is the right pool from which to build business, there’s just no question about it,” says Adelson. “What’s missing is that leap of faith.”

Taking that leap will ultimately be the difference between Detroit floating in economic obscurity or cementing its name into the future of the country.

So ask yourself – Are you making the difference? Are you taking that leap?

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