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Motor City Comic Con – A Detroit Classic

Motor City Comic ConIf there's one thing to know about people from Detroit it's the love we have for our community. We are intensely proud of the products from our fair city  – great music, great cars and a really great comic book scene.

I know, I know. Detroit isn't the first place you think of when it comes to comic books. But Detroit has long been home to many successful comic writer/artists including Geoff Johns who writes for DC and Guy Davis who draws for Marvel. There are also several other self-published comic artists who are lauded as tops in the industry like Katie Cook, artist at Starwars.com, and Dave Petersen, the award winning artist and creator of the highly lauded Mouse Guard series.

As for comic cons, most people immediately think San Franscico or New York or Chicago. But really, aren't those old hat by now? Big cities, big names, big deal! Detroit has been a great comic community and has yet remained untarnished by the greedy hands and dirty fingers of the money-grubbing Hollywood types. The Motor City Comic Con is one of the best and largest Midwest comic conventions and has been going strong for more than 20 years.

While it might not get the same sneak-peaks at the latest comic or the world premier movie trailers, we do have a strong showing of popular artists and names in the sci-fi/pop-culture world. Previous guests have included Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), LeVar Burton (Star Trek, Reading Rainbow), Erik Estrada (CHiPs), Louis Gosset Jr.(Iron Eagle, Enemy Mine), Adam West (Batman), Dwight Schultz (A-Team), and tons of others.

It's also home to the 501st Legion – Great Lakes Garrison, and the Rebel Legion - Great Lakes Base. They're a squad of men and women who remain commited to the Star Wars cannon while focusing on charity and community based events. Fully outfitted in Star Wars uniforms and costumes they host a variety of events during the con which includes a parade, a kids costume contest, a droid hunt, and more.   

The con is 3 days of comics, media guests, costume contests, games, toys, meet and Motor city Comic Congreets, and so much more. I've been going every year for 14 years and have been taking my 4-year-old since he was born. It's a family-friendly environment that encourages reading, creativity, and fosters an interst in pop-culture.  

If you're remotely interested in comics, science-fiction. movies, pop culture, or simply having a great time be sure to check out the Motor City Comic Con – May 14-16 at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi.

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