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Scotty Simpson’s Fish and Chips Turns 60 Today and the Prices on the Menu Reflects It

Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips Turns 60Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips – my favorite fish and chips place of my entire life turns 60 today. And for today only, the prices are the same as the day they opened in 1950.

Scotty's story is a cool story. It's a story about a small business lasting a lot longer than anyone thought it would. It's a story of the last business still standing from the old days in Detroit's Brightmore neighborhood.

The Detroit New wrote this great piece about it last week.

Mostly, it's a story of a place that offers great food at a reasonable price and has somehow managed to make a profit when the neighborhood around it, well, feel into the abyss. That's pretty much what happened. The nighborhood has gone from bad to worse over the years and somehow, despite that fact that every other business has boarded up and closed shop, Scotty's remains.

When I was kid, I remember the lines around the corner on Friday evenings for carryout fish. We ate there all the time and loved it. Back then the neighborhood didn't scare me like it does now, but I still go there. It's been years since they had lines around the corner, but they are hanging in there. Like I said, I still go there.

And probably always will.

Happy birthday Scotty's.

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