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Unweaving the Interwebs: Crazedlist.org


FACT: The internet can often be an intimidating, overwhelming, scary and/or distracting place.  That’s why I love any tool that can make my e-life easier.  The more time I save searching for the perfect vintage teak chair the more time I can spend sitting in that very chair snuggling up to a vat of chocolate ice cream, watching Glee and gently weeping while I mouth the words to each song.

That’s why I LOVE crazedlist.org

Crazedlist performs multi-city searches for Craigslist posts across the US or the world.  Enter a keyword, select a category and BAM!  You're off to the races scouring not only your city, but any city of your choosing for that lifesize replica of Pee-Wee’s Chairy that you just MUST HAVE.

The drawbacks are few.  You must use Firefox, and you have to implement some simple tweaks to the browser, but easy to follow instructions are provided that make this process painless.  Once you are set up you can add RSS feeds for the searches you want to really stay on top of.  This is extremely helpful even if you only want to monitor the activity in a single area.  You get a leg up on all of the items that normally get gobbled up before you even get a chance to see them.

In a world where every second counts, Crazedlist is just one of the many valuable time saving tools of the internet that really helps me out.

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