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Lost Finale Party Food: Top 5 Foods for the Show’s Worst Moments

Lost Finale

Oh, Lost.  You've teased us for 6 seasons and it's all about to come to an end.  Fans are preparing for the end of an era this Sunday.  I am one of the many fans who is planning a Lost finale party and I want to send the show off in a different way.  There are a lot of great resources for Lost parties.  You can find everything from Lost-themed cupcakes and Dharma Initiative labels and those are all fine and dandy.  But let us not forget that with all of the entertainment this show has provided over the last 6 years, there's been a lot of pain as well.  My party will celebrate that pain.  Here are five foods I will serve to pay tribute to some of the show's most enraging moments.  Click through for the list, but warning, some *Spoiler Alerts* are found below…

Top 5 Worst Moments of Lost & the Associated Party Food

5) BloomLost Finale Party Foodin' Onion for Claire's mom - Claire's mom was one of my most hated characters on the show, largely due to her horrific Australian accent. To pay tribute to someone who is clearly not from Australia but is trying to be, I will serve a food that is clearly not Australian in the least, but is somehow attributed to that country's cuisine.

4) Toad in the Hole for The Island's Mysterious Light – So that's what this is all about?  Really? A mystery light in the middle of the island that turns you into smoke if your immortal brother punches you and then pushes you in it?  This is easily one of the worst moments from this season, and while the dish doesn't quite fit the crime (I personally find eggs and toast to be delicious), I couldn't pass up the visual association.

3) Nigerian Peanut Soup for Mr. Eko – I am still grieving for the loss of one of my favorite characters, so I will be serving a delicacy from his homeland. RIP Mr. Eko – you are gone but not forgotten.

2) Special Sauce for Walt – Why was Walt special?  No one is really sure and I don't expect that they will be wrapping up that little mystery in the finale.  My guests will dine on special sauce for this very reason.  What is special sauce? I don't know and even if I did I wouldn't tell you.  What will you put it on? Again, you're just going to have to figure that out for yourself.  The Lost writers/producers would be proud.

1) Pad Thai for Bai Ling – I really tried to block this moment out of my memory, but to my dismay I just can't forget how completely horrible the episode Stranger in a Strange Land was.  The plot of the episode was bad enough, but what really made it hurt was guest star Bai Ling.  It pains me to associate one of my favorite foods with such a bad moment, but I'm hoping a little culinary therapy will help dull the pain.

Are you having a Lost party?  What are you serving?  What are some of the show's worst moments that I am missing and what foods would you associate with them?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. It was easy for me to determine the WORST moment in Lost’s six seasons. That horrible wheel that both transported Ben to the middle of the desert and just so happened to move the island (say wha?!) As an homage I think it would be appropriate to prepare the delicious Nutty Cinnamon Wheel cookies. Nutty, indeed!

    Posted by: Nic | May 20, 2010
  2. So far my favorite Lost-themed snack is Smoke Monster Popcorn over at TheKitchn: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/lost-finale-recipe-smoke-monster-popcorn-116997

    Posted by: Scott T. | May 20, 2010
  3. This is awesome.
    There needs to be more pain associated with the “golden light” though, because that one hour pretty much destroyed everything that was cool about the series.
    I think you should spike the dish with an unexpected, life-threatening dose of wasabi so all your guests register the same kind of rage and pain I experienced watching that turd of an episode reveal itself.

    Posted by: Tom D | May 20, 2010

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