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Post-It Note Art at Quicken Loans

It's a me...Mario

Quicken Loans is a great place to work.  There is always something fun going on and yesterday was no exception.  The IT teams had a post-it note mural competition!  They created post-it note murals all over the 4th floor of the Quicken Loans office and they results were really cool. 

Here are the rules they were given:

  • Your team will have access to an area of 6.25' high X 8.75' wide
    (MAX 35 post-its across, 25 post-its high, your design must be UNDER the masking tape line)
  • You may only use the 5 Post-it note colors we have provided
    (Ultra – Blue, green, orange, pink, purple)
  • You may not alter the post-its in any way – no cutting, colorings, etc.
  • You may not OVERLAP or stack your post-its
  • You have 1 hour (60 minutes) to complete your entry – 3pm-4pm (EST)
  • You must have fun!

And here are some of the awesome work they put together:

QR Code Art & Original QR Code

One team put together a QR Code (two dimensional bar code) – If you have a QR Code reader, you can scan the image and find out what this design "represents".

Megaman with Pink Border

Two teams put assembled a post-it Megaman.  8-bit video games were definitely a "theme"

Old School D

Another team paid homage to the old school Detroit "D", likely in honor of our upcoming move to downtown Detroit!

Everyone did a fantastic job!  See all of the post-it art on our flickr page!

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