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Big Announcement About The Quicken Loans Detroit Move

We've got a BIG announcement! Literally…

Quicken Loans Detroit Move Billboard

You may have already heard that Quicken Loans will be moving to downtown Detroit this year.  But if you somehow missed the message, we hope that this GIANT BILLBOARD will make it clear.  We're Quicken Loans and we're coming to Detroit!

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A Garage Sale Pessimist Turned Optimist

47a0db30b3127cce9854ab0822c000000045108EbNmLhuxbm[1]So how many people hate the idea of garage/rummage sales? And think that they are a place where junk is found or hoarders go?!

I absolutely USED to.  About 2 weeks ago, before I started my internship here at Quicken, I was visiting my thirty-one year old sister in St. Joseph, Michigan on the west side of the state. I went to visit her on my way home to my parent’s house in Farmington Hills.

After staying the night she decided to wake me up bright and early, for what I thought was a trip to drop off my four year old niece at preschool. Little did I know that we were going “garage sale-ing,” as she calls it, for three hours after we dropped off my niece.  At first, I was angry with my sister because I was out a little too late the night before and all I could think about was jumping in the guest room bed and taking a nap before my “diva-licious” niece came home and I was going to be asked to play all afternoon.

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