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Having a Moving Sale?

Garage Sale Tracker Guest Post on the Quicken Loans BlogBy: Rich from Garage Sale Tracker

It's summer time and the house just sold! Now it is time to pack up all your stuff and move into the new house before summer ends and school starts back up. The best thing to do is to clear out the clutter in the house via a moving sale, so that you are not bringing new stagnant items into the house that will just become stale.

The following are some helpful tips for holding a moving sale: 

  • Find what you don't want to take with you to the new home
  • Pick a date for the sale in the summer time weekends usually work best
  • See if the neighbors would like to participate as more families = more traffic
  • Gather little tags to mark the prices of your items
  • Get proper change for the customers
  • Set up tables for a clear display of all the items for those who pass on by
  • Advertise, Advertise, Advertise. This means creating signs with clear arrows and directions as well as using Garage Sale Tracker which will also put you on the iPhone
  • Get rid of as much as you can and whatever is left donate to goodwill or the salvation army

Once you have cleaned out the house start preparing for the move financially. You can look into a mortgage with Quicken Loans as rates are at an all time LOW! Also be sure to find a reputable moving company and shipping company that can take the remaining furniture and other household items without damaging anything. I suggest to also look on the site Uship.com which is owned by ebay and allows companies to bid on your items.

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