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Quicken Loans Breaks Top 10 in “100 Best Places to Work in IT”

Finding the best IT people to drive your organization is one of the key ingredients to its success. From the engineers to the help desk, each member of the IT team helps their company ead in cutting edge technologies.

The focus on attracting top IT talent is why Quicken Loans is proud to announce that it has placed seventh in Computerworld's “100 Best Places to Work in Technology" list, making this the sixth-straight year it has ranked among the top-15 companies.

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There’s a reason Quicken Loans consistently ranks as one of the best places to work in technology – it strives to provide am environment where creativity thrives. The technology group focuses on spurring the innovation of team members, identifying opportunities that benefit the business and quickly acting on those ideas.

Quicken Loans also offers an extensive training program to benefit each new IT team member. IT team members receive more than 40 hours per year of training directly related to their areas of expertise. They also offers a multitude of other formal and informal training opportunities, including a peer-to-peer lunch-and-learn program.

In 2009, Quicken Loans gave its IT workers raises as well as two bonuses. The average raise was approximately 6%, and each bonus was nearly 15% of an employee's gross salary.

If you’re an IT person looking to work in a fast-paced environment with motivated team members, Quicken Loans may be just the place for you. Feel free to check out Quicken Loans Career Opportunities and take the first step into a rewarding career.

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