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Urban “Drive-In” at Detroit’s Burton Theatre

Burton Theater Cinema Barbeque

Image via The Burton Theatre's Facebook Page. 

The Burton Theatre is a prime example of what makes Detroit so great.  The theater is the product of four friends who wanted to open a movie theater in Detroit, and decided to do so in a vacant public school.  It's a really cool story and you can read more about it here.

Over the holiday weekend, the Burton decided to up their game.

The Cinema BBQ was the first outdoor film event at the theater.  A screen was set up on a chain-link fence in the parking lot, and movie goers brought camping chairs and watched two cult classics, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls & Xanadu, projected from the back of a vintage Volvo P1800.

It was awesome.Burton Theater BBQ

They also grilled homemade sausages, veggie kebabs & burgers.  For under $10 I enjoyed dinner and two movies in a unique, urban setting.  I even got to try some homemade chocolate mousse which helped me power through the delightfully dreadful Xanadu at 2:00am.

Cinema BBQ will be happening the last Saturday of every month all summer long.  The next screening is June 26 and the movies are Total Recall & Escape From New York. I cannot wait! If you're looking for a uniquely Detroit experience or just want to watch a couple of fun movies in a parking lot I highly recommend you check this out.

Burton Theater BBQ

Volvo & Screen images via Nateroger's Flickr

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