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World Cup 2010: Who Will Be World Champion?

People everywhere are buzzing with excitement as the World Cup kicks off in South Africa today. From the streets of Japan to the bars in New York City, fans from all over the globe will be tuning into “the beautiful game.” The world’s largest sporting event will bring together the top 32 qualifying countries to claim glory and be crowned World Cup champion.

World Cup 2010: Who Will Be World Champion?

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Big deal man, Kobe and the Lakers are on tonight. Why should I care?”

Well our boys in the red, white, and blue will be representing and are looking to make a strong run in the tourney. However, the U.S. are definitely one of the underdogs, a position most Americans aren’t used to (For good reason – we dominate.)

The Yanks will take on England in their first game Saturday, and you can bet our boys will give the Brits a run for their money. It’ll be a game you won’t want to miss, as the match is sure to be a physical one.

So whether you’re a seasoned soccer fan or have never watched a game, the World Cup has something exciting to offer. Tune in and you’re guaranteed to get hooked!

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  1. In preveous world cup France had defeated by Brazil but in this world cup I think Brazil will be winner against of this world cup.
    Rachel Wills

    Posted by: Loan Advice | June 26, 2010

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