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Who Will Call Detroit Their New Home After 5 O’clock?

Quicken Loans new home was once again featured in the Detroit Free Press today! This time the main focus wasn’t the move into the Compuware Building downtown, but rather, the employees themselves and how they will acclimate to the transition from Livonia.

Home_img01As everyone is preparing for the big move, some will even choose to pick up their lives and move downtown with the company.” Go big or go home,” right!? Some Quicken Loans employees have recently toured downtown lofts and apartments to possibly make their new home. With the development of fresh, innovative real estate buildings downtown, there many options to choose from.

What do I think about this?

I love it! I think living in a unique loft downtown Detroit would be awesome, especially when work is right around the corner. Living in the city puts you at the heart of everything and the possibilities are endless in Detroit. People who aren’t from around here may call me or anyone else crazy for even considering this, but Detroit seems to hold a bright future in its hands. As a recent college graduate, the career and life decisions I make right now will affect my life forever. I see the decision to move downtown Detroit as an exciting opportunity to take advantage of taking part in its re-birth. It may be taking a chance, yes, but you will never know what might have been unless you take these chances.

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One of the Greatest CEO Emails Ever

Making employees love working at your company is a key to having a successful business. To do this, Quicken Loans does its best to get rid of old corporate structure and make sure every employee is on the same playing field. “Boss” is a four-letter word and each team-member has a say in projects vital to the overall success of the organization. That’s a culture we can be proud of here at QL.

This focus on culture is why we love Woot.com CEO Matt Rutledge’s recent email to his employees. In the letter, Matt announces Woot’s big decision to join Amazon and answers some burning questions in an awesome way.


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Quicken Loans’ Data Warehouse Team Wins Industry Award

Quicken Loans' Data Warehouse Team Wins Industry AwardBy Nikki Stellini

Quicken Loans is proud to announce that its Data Warehouse team is the co-winner of a Best Practices Award in Operational Business Intelligence from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), a leading association in the industry. The award recognizes the team’s excellence in creating and maintaining software that reports, gathers, secures, and analyzes up-to-the-minute data, keeping our business running efficiently and fostering growth each year.

The Quicken Loans Data Warehouse team is a group of dedicated engineers and database administrators who write the software programs that tie all of the company’s important data together in one location.
 “The team is really excited and proud to win this award,” said Steve Brennan, Quicken Loans Data Warehouse team leader. “We use business intelligence to stay on top of our game. It’s an honor to be recognized for our hard work in the industry.”

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