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Pet Paparazzi – An Easy and Fun Way to Help Homeless Animals

A post by guest blogger Jill Scapelliti

Almost Home

If you have a pet, then you know how fulfilling it is to get that perfect picture of him/her doing something cute or goofy or literally just sleeping (you just can’t help yourself because it’s so darn adorable). You show off the photo to your friends, post it on Facebook, even frame it and put it on your desk at work. These photos make you smile during your longest days.

If any of the above hits home with you, then please take a second to read about our great Calendar Contest where you can show off your “Hollywood” kitty or pooch and also give back to homeless furry pets in need of love and help this summer.

I am a dedicated volunteer at Almost Home Animal Rescue League in Southfield. The economy has really hit us hard over the past year, and the number of homeless cats and dogs has skyrocketed. We are a true 100% No-Kill shelter, meaning we keep our animals until we find them a new forever home. We are overflowing with cats and dogs, and our volunteers are exhausted. Just when we start to feel great about finding two little kittens a new home, another litter is dumped at our doorstep. It’s never-ending, but our volunteers are tireless and determined to make a difference in each and every animal’s life.

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