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Detroit Doggy Daycare – What the Dogs Think

When I heard that Canine To Five was offering Quicken Loans employees free doggy daycare for a month in order to welcome us to our new office in downtown Detroit – I was filled with mixed emotions.

Obviously, I was happy and excited to take my dogs, Betty Bacon and Murdoch AKA "The Doctor" to daycare every day for a month.  I hate leaving them at home alone all day. We generally spring for daycare once a week, but this offer gives them a pass to run around and play all week long!

But I was also a little nervous.  Would they like this place?  Would they get along with the other dogs?

This morning, I took them to daycare for the first time.  Like a mother dropping her child off, I fought back tears as I gently removed their collars…

OK – there were no tears, but I was excited to hear that I could see them on Canine To Five's Flickr page around noon. 

The clock struck 12 and off to Flickr I went.  How were they doing?  Were they having fun? Click through to find out…

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