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Canine to Five Doggy Daycare Says Welcome to Quicken Loans

Canine to Five Doggy Day Care in Detroit Gives Free Care for Quicken Loans DogsI love Canine to Five, a dog boarding and daycare facility near downtown Detroit.

I've used them to board my dogs and attended their dog park events and even took my youngest dog to training they offer.

So when Liz, Canine to Five's owner, made the incredible offer for Quicken Loans team members moving downtown (1,700 of us in the next few weeks) to attend dog daycare for free for one month, I HAD to share that here.

That's an incredible offer and I hope many of my fellow Quicken Loans team mates take advantage of it and support Canine to Five once the free offer expires.

Liz has done a great thing with Canine to Five, taking a previously abandoned building in the Cass Corridor neighborhood (just north of downtown) and turned it into a viable, clean and overall wonderful business. It's businesses like Canine to Five that are helping Detroit turn the corner and become a better place.

The neighborhood has a lot of meaning for me. I went to high school down there (at Cass Tech) and I have to say that after years of watching the area decay, it's finally turning the corner.

Here's some more info about Canine to Five from their site:

Canine to Five is Metro Detroit's finest dog daycare, boarding, and grooming facility, located in the heart of Detroit's Historic Midtown Neighborhood. Our close proximity to downtown, Wayne State, the Detroit Medical Center, and several major expressways, makes us an easy and convenient place for people to visit.

Our facilities include:

  • 4500 sq. feet of cage-free, indoor climate-controlled play space.
  • 1000 sq. feet of secured, fenced in, well-lit outdoor play space.
  • Separate play area for puppies, small dogs, and quiet time.
  • One dozen large secure kennels for our overnight guests.

Safety of your dog is of the utmost importance to us. We are fully insured and adhere to strict cleaning standards, helping to provide a safe, sanitary, good-smelling environment. In order to provide the most socially-centered indoor/outdoor environment for dogs in Metro Detroit, we provide your dog the time and attention which it deserves. Our high employee/dog ratio and our trained staff of dog lovers and owners is knowledgeable in canine first aid, CPR, and animal behavior.

Big thanks to Liz and the staff at Canine to Five for their generous offer to help us on our move downtown. We'll be down there in a week and we're excited.

Support Canine to Five. They deserve it.

I know I'm bringing my dogs down there. You should too!

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  1. Canine to Five Doggy Daycare looks incredible and their philosphy and cleanliness are are model for the rest of us day care providers to follow. Thank you for the wonderful modelling. Rose at For the Dogs, NH (daycare and dog walking)

    Posted by: Rose Baker, LICSW | August 17, 2010

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