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Plant a Tree Without Leaving Your Home!

Green is good. But for most of us, we've got too much going on to really help the environment. Well, there’s good news. With the help of the Odwalla juice company, you can now make a difference from the comfort of your own home!


Odwalla is sponsoring its popular “Plant a Tree” contest, making it possible for states to buy new trees for their state parks and recreation areas.  For every Michigan vote received, Odwalla will donate $1 toward tree purchases for Michigan.  There is no contribution required.  According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Michigan received more than $50,000 from Odwalla in 2009. 

So go check it out, pick your state of choice and plant a tree. The voting continues through August 15, 2010 or until 175,000 total trees are donated in the U.S.

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