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One Dexterous Doggy – The Parkour Pitbull

The intriguing sport of Parkour (also known as "free walking") has crossed over into the canine world!

Parkour is a sport and philosophy built on the motto: "be strong to be useful." Practitioners of Parkour perform spider-man like feats, skittering up walls and leaping across rooftops, usually in urban environments – sort of like skateboarding without a skateboard. From it's infancy as a method of physical education devised by Geroges H├ębert in the 19th century, the skill was further cultivated by the French military as a training method. Parkour has at it's core the purpose of helping others, non rivalry, and "reclaiming humanity."

It's fascinating to watch Parkour enthusiasts in action, as millions of youtube hits on parkour and free walking videos can attest. And even more captivating to watch this dog - Tret from Ukraine – navigate impressive obstacles. 

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am an advocate for the misunderstood pitbull. I have a loving and sweet pitbull mix, and every pitbull I have ever known has been a fantastic family dog. So naturally I am especially pleased that this talented pooch is of this intelligent and highly trainable breed.

Check out Tret's mad skillz:

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