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Entrepreneurs Blog featured on the Quicken Loans BlogHere at Quicken Loans, we take entreprenuership seriously.

We are, after all, a entreprenuerial success story.

Quicken Loans started out in 1985 when business Dan Gilbert took $5,000 he saved from delivering pizzas at Michigan State University. He and a small group of his friends probably didn't realize they were starting a business empire that includes Quicken Loans, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Quizzle, Fathead, and several other companies.

So, when I discovered Alexander Lawrence's Entrepreneurs Blog, I thought I'd share it here with our readers. The Entreprenuers Blog has some great posts and insight on entreprenuership. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in such things. Here's a little bit from the blog:

Alex, the author of The Entrepreneurs Blog, is the Managing Partner of LC Management, a multi-industry holding company which was founded in 1998 by Alex as a self-made, boot-strapping entrepreneur.  LCM is invested in a variety of startup, growing and mature businesses from several industries, including (but not limited to) international franchisor, venture capital firm, consumer technology, internet software, commercial real estate development, franchise restaurant chain, and other minority equity ownership interests in LLP’s and LLC’s. 

Alex was included by Business Magazine as one of their “top 40 businesspeople under the age of 40”.  Alex also was a partner who successfully exited three previous ventures (technology, large franchisor and multi-state restaurant chain) and is a current Board Member of both of his Alma Maters business schools.  Alex also teaches a class one night a week on Entrepreneurship at his Alma Mater and hopes to evolve someday into a full-time high school business teacher and golf coach.


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  1. Hi Quicken Loans Readers – for the entrepreneurs among us that are looking for business funding….have you heard about the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition?
    Michigan is hosting the world’s largest business plan competition with more than $1 million in cash awards for the best and brightest new business ideas and early stage businesses. It’s called Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition and is open to entrepreneurs in Michigan and worldwide who are willing to move to Michigan. (Some of the prizes don’t require Michigan relocation / residency).
    The competition is getting a lot of press throughout the U.S. Here is more info: http://www.acceleratemichigan.org

    Posted by: Chad Wiebesick | October 11, 2010

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