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Changing Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions

I don’t really celebrate holidays. There are many reasons, but having just passed Thanksgiving, let’s focus on this one – the food. Now, I am not a food snob, but I am also not one of those people that will eat something just because someone I love cooked it.  Thus, I have become the person who skips holidays so that a) I don’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings and b) I don’t have to subject my tongue to the (insert not very nice description of food here) in which is set before me.

But this year marked a change in tradition. First, I didn’t skip Thanksgiving. One of the main reasons why?  I made the turkey. Now, this is not about me and any skills I do or do not have. This is about the juicy, moist, unbelievably flavorful poultry that was served. And for that I thank Alton Brown.

Alton Brown, you are the banisher of dry turkey everywhere. Your recipes and easy to watch videos on the Internet are responsible for exile of bad technique and cooking old wives tales. Because of you, a new generation of Thanksgiving turkey cookers will learn to use thermometers to tell when their turkey is done, not plastic pop up things, endless cooking hours, or slicing it open. They will let that bird set for 15 – 20 minutes before cutting it and they will most certainly never poke it. They will serve their families turkey that is juicy and lovely and worthy of their time and effort. They will be commended for it.  Our taste buds thank you, sir.

And while we’re talking about holidays and food – let me say, anyone who is bold enough to host the dinner and not serve the traditional menu is a DIFF Maker in my book. With the insane amount of fat, caloric intake, and just general unhealthiness of the usual items, it’s about time we get ourselves some new traditions. At my Thanksgiving, we cut out green bean casserole and served broiled asparagus instead. It was a hit with not a single stalk left over.  So I say, be bold Diff readers!  If it tastes good, your guests will like your new and nontraditional menu.

Did you defy tradition this year?  Did you try out new recipes for Thanksgiving?  Will you celebrate in a new and different way during the upcoming holidays? Post them in the comments!

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