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Quicken Loans is So Awesome We Won a National Philanthropy Award

IMG_0615Quicken Loans Inc. continues to re-define routine corporate culture after being awarded the National Philanthropy Day Outstanding Corporation Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Detroit Chapter. The award recognizes organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life in their community and around the world.

 “This honor is a tribute to our commitment to make a difference,” said Wendy Kemp, AVP of Community Relations at Quicken Loans. “Our team members, our clients, and our community – all shape who we are everyday.”

Kemp accepted the award in front of approximately 500 people representing over 100 non-profit organizations.

Last year, Quicken Loans donated more than $1 million to 250 non-profits and charitable organizations throughout southeast Michigan and northeast Ohio. Over the past five years, Quicken Loans has partnered with and contributed more than $5.1 million to 513 different charities.

In 2009, Quicken Loans organized 30 volunteer events in which team members logged 1,764 volunteer hours. To date, in 2010, Quicken Loans team members have participated in 50 events and have logged more than 1,800 volunteer hours.

The honor culminates a month of achievements for the Detroit-based mortgage lender, including being voted the #1 place to work in southeast Michigan by the Detroit Free Press and celebrating the closing of its one-millionth loan.

“Our family of team members is stronger than ever,” said Kemp. “Whether you’ve been working here for five months or 15 years, everyone has the drive better their community.”

Past winners of the Outstanding Corporation Award include Charter One Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Toyota USA Foundation, and General Motors Corporation.

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