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Lunar Eclipse + Winter Solstice = Mindfreak

So, last night was the lunar eclipse. Eclipses of any kind are totally awesome.  I remember being a youth and witnessing my first solar eclipse.  I grew up in the era of “be back before the streetlights come on” so all the kids were roaming the streets, unmonitored by any adults, screaming “DON’T LOOK INTO THE SUN!” And then, of course, we all looked directly into the sun. Explains a lot…

Anyhoo, last night’s lunar eclipse started at 1:33am ET.  Unless I am singing karaoke, I am rarely awake at 1:33am ET.  So, I missed it.  However, I caught this amazing time lapse video that shows just how sweet the lunar eclipse was:

Is that not the coolest thing you’ve seen today? I was totally Mindfreaked!  On top of that – did you know that today is the winter solstice? This means that a full lunar eclipse takes place on the shortest day of the year! THIS MEANS THAT TODAY COULD BE THE DARKEST DAY IN 372 YEARS!!!!!! My head just exploded. Luckily, I can continue typing despite being decapitated.  The best news of all is that because today is the shortest day of the year, that means it only gets brighter from here, people.

This is a historic, super nerdy, head spinning (if you still have a head…I don’t)  event.  This hasn’t happened since Dec. 21, 1638 and it won’t happen again until Dec. 21, 2094.  When that day comes I’ll be a headless, 112 year old grandma.  By that point, I’m sure I won’t have the capacity to enjoy the fine sciencey treasures that life has to offer. I guess it’s for the best that I cherish my mind being completely blown while I have my youth.

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