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Washington DC Humane Society Gives a Holiday to the Forgotten Dogs

Washington Humane SocietyIt’s the kind of story that gives me hope for humanity.

Adam Parascandola, a former humane officer with the Washington D.C. Humane Society, was troubled 10 years ago when he would come across guard dogs, often mistreated at worst and alone and forgotten at best, around the holiday season. So he began a program to visit them and bring them treats and toys. Here’s some info from the HumaneSociety.org’s website:

Among the more forlorn sights around the nation’s capital are dozens of guard dogs who do not know it’s Christmastime at all. For them, it’s just another day tethered in a rocky lot or patrolling a chain-link fence for intruders—or so it was until, more than 10 years ago, a humane officer from the Washington Humane Society decided to play Santa.

While making his rounds, Adam Parascandola was touched by the plight of the city’s guard dogs. Now the director of animal cruelty issues for The HSUS, Parascandola saw them as the loneliest of animals. “Most of them are really sweet, and they just want attention,” he says.

He began to take toys and treats to them, eventually making the practice an official shelter program during the holidays. With no kids of his own, he tried to work on Christmas Day so officers with families could stay home. The timing of the deliveries was both symbolic and practical: Few people were around, allowing him to check on the dogs’ health and well-being without getting into an argument with their sometimes less-than-friendly owners.

Very heartwarming and very cool. When Parascandola left for another job in California, other human officers joined in and continued his efforts.

It’s great to read stories like this. Like I said, it gives me hope.

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