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Quicken Loans Matching Lemonade Detroit Donations Through Jan. 31

Quicken Loans is matching donations to “Lemonade Detroit.” What is “Lemonade Detroit,” you ask? From their site:

“‘Lemonade: Detroit’ is a film about the disarming resilience of a city that can no longer rely on a single industry for its livelihood, and the entrepreneurial strengths of those who are reinventing themselves and their communities.

“Instead of sensationalizing blight, ‘Lemonade, Detroit’ will sensationalize hope, told through the intensely personal stories of those who are turning the city into what it will become.”

Quicken Loans Lemonade DetroitVery appropriately, the film is being made by acclaimed producer Erik Proulx, who also produced the film “Lemonade,” another glass-half-full documentary about how creative professionals find success after being laid off buy the marketing industry.

Sounds pretty cool right? Since we at Quicken Loans are all about highlighting the positive aspects of our home city, supporting “Lemonade Detroit” is a no-brainer.

Certainly not the least intriguing aspect of the film is the unique buy-a-frame funding structure. Contributors don’t just donate, they actually buy frames of the film – $1 per frame – and become IMDB-credited producers through their donation!

We can’t wait to see “Lemonade Detroit,” and are honored to be a part of this endeavor. Be part of it too, and help the film in a big way by giving double through our matching contribution!

But don’t miss your chance. Quicken Loans is only matching between now and January 31, 2011.

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Quicken Loans client makes a t-shirt to thank banker Amanda Dumount

This is pretty cool. And short.

Cool and short. We like that. Anyway, Quicken Loans banker Amanda Dumount had a client who PROMISED to make her a t-shirt as a tribute if Amanda could get the client a mortgage rate of 4.625%.

Amanda did.

The client made the shirt.

We love it.

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FORTUNE Magazine Names Detroit-Based Quicken Loans in Its ‘Best Companies to Work For’ Ranking for the 8th Year in a Row

Quicken Loans Inc., the nation’s largest online lender and a top-five retail mortgage lender, was named today to FORTUNE Magazine’s annual listing of the “100 Best Companies to Work For,” ranking 29th. The honor marks the eighth straight year the company has been in the top-30 of FORTUNE’s list and is one of only three Michigan companies who made the list.

“2010 was a big year for Quicken Loans – we closed our millionth loan, celebrated our 25th anniversary and achieved record numbers in virtually every category, including closed loan production, revenue and profits,” said Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans. “In all that we accomplished, we continued to be driven by our special culture. It is the core of all that we do, defines who we are as a company and is the largest reason for our continuous success.”

“We are proud to receive this recognition once again from FORTUNE Magazine. Our commitment to providing the most interesting, challenging, exciting, fun and rewarding environment for our nearly 4,000 member brain-force is unwavering,” Gilbert added. “In return, our people bring their ‘A’ game with them to work every day.”

That ‘A’ game was demonstrated in 2010 when Quicken Loans was ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Primary Mortgage Sales” in the United States in a benchmark study of the mortgage industry by J.D. Power and Associates. In the report, the company far exceeded the industry average on many key performance indicators.

“Our passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated team members are the force behind engineering amazing client service, which we are thrilled has become synonymous with the Quicken Loans brand,” said Quicken Loans CEO Bill Emerson.

To compile its list, FORTUNE Magazine partners with the Great Place to Work Institute to develop a comprehensive team member survey. The survey is sent randomly to employees with the results of the survey accounting for two-thirds of the overall company score.

The survey goes deep into team member satisfaction on topics such as compensation, empowerment, and training. The remaining company score is determined through the Great Place to Work Institute’s Culture Audit, a series of questions and surveys on benefits, hiring and recognition.

Quicken Loans moved its headquarters and 1,700 team members to a vibrant state-of-the-art office space in the heart of downtown Detroit in the summer of 2010. The company’s new colorful and collaborative home was designed to inspire creativity and innovation by taking on a distinct “anti-corporate” identity. The company is planning on moving an additional 2,000 of its team members to Detroit in the next year.

The full FORTUNE Magazine listing of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” can be found at http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/bestcompanies.

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We’ve Created an Origami Enthusiast

When Quicken Loans sent out our 2010 holiday message about making an origami crane, we had no idea we’d create an origami enthusiast.

That’s exactly what happened to Quicken Loans client Sylvia. She’s taken to origami and we couldn’t be more proud.

Since doing the crane I’ve done an eight pointed star, a dodecahedron and have just finished a scaled octahedron!  This last was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but was an amazing exercise in discipline, patience, and absolute accuracy (or close to it!).

Here are a few pics, first of the little menagerie, then a couple of the scaled octahedron, of which I’m very proud!

We are very proud also Sylvia. Great job and we’re glad you have a new (and very cool) hobby!

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Gopan – Sanyo’s Wonderous Rice Bread Maker Says Goodbye to Wheat Gluten

I love bread.

I love rice.

Therefore it must follow that I will love Sanyo’s new Gopan - an amazing bread maker that makes bread out of rice. Wow.

It’s pretty pricey – over 500 bucks. But still, rice bread? And you don’t need rice flour. Just rice!

Seems like the answer to those who have gluten issues. I might. I have so many issues I can’t isolate them down to something as small as gluten.

Still, rice bread sounds so yummy. You can only imagine the combinations of foods you could eat with rice bread.

I’m going to get one. I don’t care.


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Reading, Writing and Over Crowding

By Christopher Raab 

A few weeks back, I attended a meeting at the Fox Theatre with about 4000 Diffs, a number big enough to take on a problem caused by generations of In-Diffs—the people who have looked the other way at the terrible expense of Detroit’s school kids. 

Today, Christmas Eve, I read in the Free Press about an over crowding problem in the public school system brought about by budget-driven school closings and the loss of over 800 retiring teachers last year that has led to class rooms sizes of 50 or more students per instructor in some cases.  Continue reading “Reading, Writing and Over Crowding” »

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Happy New Year 2011 from the Quicken Loans Blog

Happy New Year from your friends at the Quicken Loans DIFF blog. Another great year ahead of us. What does 2011 have in store? We’ll find out soon!

The Quicken Loans Blog team wishes you a Happy New Year 2011

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