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Quicken Loans Helps PostEgram Keep Military Families Connected

In January, 171 men and women of the 1775th Military Police Company joined together with their families for a Departure Ceremony at Ultimate Soccer in Pontiac. PostEgram was proud to be at the event signing up soldiers with PostEgram subscriptions–courtesy of Quicken Loans.

PostEgram will help these soldiers headed overseas feel connected to the people they love at home. We’re able to print their Facebook news and photos into a family magazine and deliver it to them via the US Mail to their new base in Afghanistan, which will have very limited Internet access.

We talked to many soldiers who were excited to be able to get their Facebook in print form, and many more parents and spouses who were delighted the service was free, thanks to Quicken Loans. It’s truly appreciated. Soldiers make so many sacrifices to serve their country—staying connected should not have to be one of them.

Go to www.postegram.com and find out how we KEEP MILITARY FAMILIES CONNECTED.

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