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Thanks, Quicken Loans and Fathead!

Boba Fett Fathead and Jude FettMy son, Jude, is the world’s biggest Star Wars fan. Well, wait. That’s a big claim considering some of the Star Wars fans out there. Ok, he’s at least the world’s biggest 5-year-old Star Wars fan. He’s watched the movies countless times, he visits the 501st Legion every year at the Motor City Comic Con (as seen in this post), he watches the cartoons, and my god, he has toys out the wazoo. Last year, I even went so far as to make a stormtrooper costume for Halloween because  in his mind a simple store-bought stormtrooper would NOT do. We spend the drive to and from school discussing why Anakin was overcome by the dark side, why it’s good to be a Jedi, why Boba Fett  (his favorite) was a bounty hunter and how he doesn’t think that Boba was necessarily BAD, per se, but misunderstood. Needless to say, the boy loves Star Wars.

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