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Happy Kindergarten Day!

Kindergarten Jude

It’s no secret that I may possibly have one of the most entertaining kids around. If you’re a regular reader of this here blog, you’re well aware of the fun that is Jude. It seems like such a shame to keep all that awesomeness to myself, which is why I love to share him with everyone.

Jude has just turned 5 and with that comes the glory that is kindergarten. Although he’s currently in preschool, his current class shares a door (and sometimes class time) with the kindergarten class. He knows that’s a big step to go from preschool to kindergarten and asks me every day when it’s his turn to go. Kindergarten is a huge deal to the preschoolers – they’re the “big kids” of the school.

So in honor of my baby who is so eager to be a big kid, I want to say Happy Kindergarten Day!

But, wait! What does Kindergarten Day mean? Why celebrate Kindergarten Day? Continue reading “Happy Kindergarten Day!” »

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