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A Rose to Remember Warm Thoughts in December


Varying in size from compact to miniature, to climbers that can reach seven meters, a rose is typically the first item one considers when attempting to bring a smile to the face of another.

June is National Rose month so take some time out and learn about the flower that inspired countless poems, accompanied innumerable first dates, and lied with loved ones in their final resting place.

With over 100 species, roses are typically the accessory of choice when friends offer condolences, thoroughbred three-year olds win races, and most notably when men court women.

While many people may be familiar with the tradition of bringing roses to a woman on your first date or spreading roses on the bed, the first night of your honeymoon, the ritual actually dates back to 41 BC when Cleopatra received her beloved Marc Antony in a room filed 18 inches deep with rose petals.

Accordingly, with men believing the more roses you buy, the more romantic a woman perceives you, it’s no surprise that 1.2 billion roses are sold annually.

Red roses represent love and respect.  However roses come in many colors and each color represents a different meaning:

  • Deep pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation
  • Light pink roses convey admiration and sympathy
  • White roses signify reverence and humility
  • Yellow roses embody joy and gladness
  • Orange roses epitomize enthusiasm and desire

The combination of roses represent more than colors that match or fuse together well.  Specific color combinations have particular meanings as well:

  • Red & yellow blended roses symbolize gaiety and joviality
  • Pale blended tones represent sociability and friendship

Five states selected the rose as the state flower including Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota and the District of Columbia.   Notably absent from that list is California which produces roughly 60 percent of the roses grown in the United States.

A medieval symbol of virginity, the white rose is linked to the Virgin Mary.  Aside from love and respect the red rose is also religiously symbolic of the blood of Christ and a symbol of his passion and resurrection.

In discrepancy with Poisons 1988 power ballad, “every rose has its thorn,” a thornless rose signifies love at first sight.

Participate in celebrating National Rose Month by taking a rose to some one who is sick and shut in or a woman you admire.  It will certainly bring a smile to their face and leave a sweet scent in your mitt.

George William Curtis said it best, “ The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.”


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