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National Name Your Poison Day!

National Name Your Poison Day

After a hard day of herding 5000 head of cattle and chasin’ off rustlers, your only recourse for relaxation is to hit up the town saloon for a frosty brew. You round up your crew and walk on in to Dust Mug Saloon where the barkeep, Patrick Flannigan – Sudsy to his friends and regulars – looks up from polishing his beer mug and nods. Your boys pick a spot at a table, away from the door, and start playing Three-Card Monte. You take out a smoke and sidle up to the bar next to Sudsy.
“Hey, Bill” he says putting down his mug and wiping his hands on his apron.
“Hey, Suds,” you say with a voice that’s full of dust from the trail.
“What’ll it be?”
“What ya got, Suds? It’s been a hell of a day.”
“Name your poison, Bill. We just got a shipment from Laramie – all the best.”

…Wait, what? This isn’t the old West, and you’re not an honest cowboy just tryin’ to get by? Well, shuck my corn, partner! My mistake! I musta got confused, because you know what? Today IS national Name Your Poison day.

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My First Day at Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans InternComing into my first day of work (as an intern at Quicken Loans) I was very nervous, but I soon realized there was nothing to be nervous about. After the hour long crawl down I-75 South, I entered this beautiful building that will be my new summer home.

I checked in with a friendly face, and then I (along with a group of interns) was taken to a room to fill out paperwork, take pictures for our security badges, and learn about the computers and voicemail set-up. I immediately found out that this work environment is not normal.  

I was amazed as we walked through colorful bright halls and sliding doors. I couldn’t believe the bizarre chairs that were everywhere or the kitchens with popcorn and slushee machines. I really wanted to sit on this specific red chair that forms to your body when you sit, but refrained due to the fact that I was convinced I would fall on my butt and embarrass myself on my first day

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It’s Best Friends Day!

It’s time to celebrate because it’s Best Friends Day!  What? There’s a day for that?  Yes, there is, and today is the day to pick up the phone, type an email, send a text, or just hang out with your best friends to let them know how much you appreciate them being in your life!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a friend is one attached to another by affection or esteem.  You may find that you have many friends over the course of your life, but only a few will truly have the honor of being your best friend.  It’s not an award given by an academy.  It’s not decided by the number of votes received. It’s an honor that can only be bestowed by you.

St. Thomas Aquinas said, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”  That’s a pretty powerful statement coming from a highly educated individual.  But you don’t have to be a scholar to know that the value of friendship is immeasurable.  Whether you vocalize or sit in silence, your best friend knows what you’re about and loves you in the sunshine of life AND the rain.  And if you’ve had the same best friend for many years, as I have, you’ve probably worn out a few umbrellas together!

Regardless of where life takes you, true friends know neither time nor distance.  Whether your best friend is 1,000 miles a way or just a mile up the road, it’s comforting to know that someone cares far greater than any time or space could diminish. Elisabeth Foley said “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

I hope you take some time today to let your best friend know how special their friendship is to your life, your happiness and in this crazy busy world, your sanity.

I ran across this poem by Helen Steiner Rice.  Enjoy!

A Golden Chain

Friendship is a Golden Chain,

The links are friends so dear,

And like a rare and precious jewel

It’s treasured more each year…

It’s clasped together firmly

With a love that’s deep and true,

And it’s rich with happy memories

and fond recollections, too…

Time can’t destroy its beauty

For, as long as memory lives,

Years can’t erase the pleasure

That the joy of friendship gives…

For friendship is a priceless gift

That can’t be bought or sold,

But to have an understanding friend

Is worth far more than gold…

And the Golden Chain of Friendship

Is a strong and blessed tie

Binding kindred hearts together

As the years go passing by.

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Power to Oppress

Editor’s note: This post is a departure from our usually editorial content on the DIFF blog, but we wanted to share this with our readers, as the writer strongly believes in civil and human rights – something we all hold dear. The content here does not reflect or represent any official stance of Quicken Loans and is not intended to do so. This is simply the opinion of the writer and his position on world events he feels important. In most cases, if we were to write a post about civil or human rights, we would highlight a positive example of a person who has fought for them, such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. In this case, the writer points out a negative, with the main hope that civil and human rights can one day be enjoyed by people everyone on Earth.

Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, found himself in World News headlines once again recently for what seems to be a never-ending list of political infractions.

In an arrest more senseless than Plaxico Burress‘s recent two-year sentence for shooting himself in the leg, President Mugabe had his own police sergeant, Alois Mahunu, arrested and imprisoned for using the “Presidential” toilet.

In one royal flush, Mahunu answered the unfortunate call of nature resulting in Mugabe’s operatives charging him with “suspicion of invading the Presidential privy.”

Mugabe, head of Zimbabwe for over for 31 years, is more renowned for his infamous “starve into submission” election tactics of 2004, when he used food scarcity as a political weapon to influence voters to vote for him in the upcoming election.

Records show that 125 people died of malnutrition in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city, in 2004.  However, the toll is considered to be exponentially higher in rural areas of Zimbabwe - due to no available health statistics.

Mugabe, who received an honorary LLD degree from Michigan State in 1990, refused to accept or ask for international aid in order to keep the strong-arm on Zimbabwe’s depleted food supply.

The concept was simple, citizens who did not turnover their voter card did not eat.

Nonetheless, the “starve into submission” campaign had lost its influence by the time Mugabe ran for reelection in 2008 prompting his most blatant attempt to fix an election to date.

Reports ran rampant of Mugabe’s brutal killings, violence, and arrest of anyone involved with the opposition, Morgan Tsvangirais movement for Democratic Change.  These extreme measures taken by Mugabe to gain reelection influenced Tsvangirai to pull out of election stating, “a free and fair election is impossible.”

Here’s the thing – change is possible and the people of Zimbabwe deserve it.

In fact, change happened just recently. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ruled for 30 years before he abruptly stepped down in February of this year. 

For this reason, spreading awareness about the unrest in Zimbabwe is imperative for the aspirations of  peace, equality, and justice of the Zimbabwean people. I hope they too can enjoy the freedom I enjoy everyday and take for granted. That freedom, is something I consider “the DIFF’!

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