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National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

National Eat Your Vegetables DayToday is National Eat Your Veggies Day – I’m eating a salad as I write this.

I love vegetables. So does Michelle Busch of Title Source (pictured left), who showed up at work today as a carrot. Way to go Michelle!

I have no idea how or why this is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, but I don’t care. I’m eating my vegetables in honor of it.

As I just said, I had a salad today. I also had some miso soup with carrots and daikon radish and mushrooms and some other funky Japanese vegetables.

And tonight I’m going to have some more veggies, no doubt.

I actually eat vegetables every day. I’m no health nut, mind you. I eat meat probably a lot more than I should and I love a big juicy rack of ribs a LOT MORE than I should.

I frankly love food. Since vegetables are food, I love them. In fact, there aren’t any vegetables I’ve had that I don’t like. I’ve had plenty of meat products that I didn’t like and made me want to barf, but not really any veggies.

Except fava beans. I can’t eat them. It’s the weirdest thing.

Once, I went down to Detroit’s Eastern Market and bought a big bag of fava beans. I had never had them and wanted to try them after Hannibal Lector talked about them in Silence of the Lambs. So I boiled a big bowl of fava beans, added some butter and eat the whole bowl. It tasted pretty good. Except four hours later I was throwing up and shaking and very sick. Then about a year later, I got a felafel sandwich at a great little place called Cedar Land and guess what happened? Four hours later I was throwing up and shaking and very sick. Turns out that felafel sometimes has fava beans as an ingredient and apparently Cedar Land follows the recipie which uses fava beans.

Anyway, enough of the ONE vegetable I can’t eat. I can eat the rest and I’m happy!

So with that, have a very happy and healthy National Eat Your Vegetables Day.

And enjoy this video.



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  1. I love the vegetable costume!! We might have to get some of those for our staff who work for glogrow the online garden centre

    Posted by: Craig | April 17, 2012
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