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Goodbye to the DIFF blog. Hello Zing!

Goodbye to the Quicken Loans DIFF blog. Hello Zing!I can’t believe it.

The DIFF blog is ending today. It’s over. Done.  Finished.

That’s right, the DIFF blog is officially retired.  We started the DIFF blog over four years ago as our original foray into blogging here at Quicken Loans. We wanted a blog. And we wanted to try something different. So, as part of a recruiting campaign, we launched the blog and wrote about things we found around the globe that made a difference.

The recruiting campaign ended a few months later, but the blog lived on. We’ve had several dozen writers over the years contribute to the blog. Almost a thousand posts in 4 years.

My favorite?

Just about a month or so after we launched the blog, my wife’s grandfather died. He had such an inspiring story, I wrote about it here. It pretty much cemented me as one of the main contributors to the blog for the next four years.  Check it out: Requiem for a Warrior.

One personal note about the DIFF blog. It was my writing here that eventually led to my current position leading the Quicken Loans Brainstorm team (content team).  It’s funny how things like this happen.  An opportunity opened up that I didn’t plan, and I can thank the DIFF for setting the stage for it.

I’ll miss this blog. I’m the first to admit I haven’t always given the DIFF blog the attention it deserved. Seems like other business priorities often got in the way of spending a lot of time writing here. But I never gave up on it and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working this for the past four and half years. Interestingly enough, I’ve never really considered myself a blogger. Just a writer working at a mortgage company that fell upon a pretty cool assignment.

So there you have it.

The time has come to say goodbye.

Goodbye to the DIFF blog, one of the favorite projects of my professional life..

Welcome, my friends, to Zing!

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Quicken Loans blog chosen as one of Jason Keath’s top 10 corporate blogs

10 Great Corporate Blogs from Jason Keath features the Quicken Loans blogJust a quick thank you to Jason Keath for mentioning us today in his blog post 10 Great Corporate Blogs

It's an honor and we are very impressed to be included along such blogs as Zappos, GM Fastlane, Southwest's blog, among other very cool blogs.

Check out the full list at the link above.

Thanks again Jason. We'll try to keep this blog interesting and relevant. Hopefully we'll stay in your top 10.

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Adventures in corporate blogging – Quicken Loans Blog turns 3!

Quicken Loans blog is three!Wow. I can’t believe we launched this blog three years ago.

So much has changed since then.

Three whole years.

The original team that launched this with me has all gone on to new things, with the exception of Matt Cardwell, who actually came up with the idea for this blog and wrote the first ever DIFF post (he’s been back to the pizzeria five times since he wrote that and brought several people with him).

The mortgage industry has also changed tremendously in the past three years. I hope for the better.

When we launched the DIFF blog, it was part of a much larger recruiting campaign. When the economy went south, so did the recruiting campaign, but we decided to keep the blog going and just write about things we cared about. The emphasis of the blog stayed the same, finding things and people that we thought made a difference somehow, but the core reason to do it changed from influencing recruits to simply putting a human face on a then faceless company.

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“Corporate Blog Design: Trends And Examples” features the Quicken Loans and Quizzle blogs

Smashing Magazine names Quicken Loans blog as a good corporate blogVery good post on Smashing Magazine yesterday that I wanted to share here.

Some of the best examples of corporate blog design were featured in the post and guess what – the DIFF blog made the list. So did the Quizzle blog and we couldn't be happier.

It's nice to be recognized for our work here and if you're at all interested in corporate blogging, this is a must read. Some of the top corporate blogs in the world are featured and the post goes pretty in-depth discussing what they like/don't like about each of them. Props to the design genius behind both the DIFF and Quizzle blogs – Chris "Doc" Kaufman.

Check it out. And big-ups-holler-at-you to Smashing Magazine for including us and Quizzle.

We appreciate it.

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The Quicken Loans Blog is 2 years old!

The Quicken Loans DIFF blog is 2 years old!
A funny thing happened on Nov 1, 2008. And I completely forgot. Must have been the election hysteria gripping the country. I actually can’t believe I missed the date.

The Quicken Loans blog, affectionately know as the DIFF blog, turned two years old.

It’s hard to believe that just over two years ago we jumped into this project, not really knowing what to expect and hoping we wouldn’t end up with egg on our face.

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TypePad turns 5

Typepad turns 5 and that makes us happy at the Quicken Loans blogWe love TypePad at Quicken Loans, which is why we’ve used TypePad as our blogging software since we launched the DIFF blog about two years ago.

For full disclosure, we do use WordPress for other blogs we run or contribute to. But back when we launched the DIFF, we chose TypePad because of it’s ease to use as a fully hosted solution. I’ve been happy with that decision ever since

So, it’s with great happiness and pride that we wish TypePad a very happy 5th birthday, with many more years as a successful and profitable arm of parent company, Six Apart.

We recommend TypePad to any businesses (or people for that matter) that want to start a professional looking blog but don’t want the hassle of a non-hosted solution.

TypePad makes blogging easy. Easy is something we love at the DIFF.

Happy birthday, TypePad!

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Charlie Kondek is the first official DIFF Captionator

Charlie Kondek is the DIFF and always will be

Charlie (eight times down up) Kondek may actually just become the official winner of all DIFF Caption contests forever. We’ll still put the pics out there and ask for comments, but Charlie will probably already win. I mean, he deserves to. If you don’t like that, send in a better picture of yourself than this one. 

By the way, here is Charlie’s official acceptance letter as he is crowned the first DIFF Captionator.

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GM Blog Manager Shares Top 10 Blog Mistakes & How to Avoid Them and B.L. Ochman’s 10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog

Lately there have been a couple of good blog posts and online stories with "top 10" lists for corporate and business blogging and I thought I’d share them with our readers.

The first comes from Christopher Barger, manager of GM’s blogs, including the VERY popular FastLane. Barger listed the "Top 10 Blog Mistakes & How to Avoid Them" in MarketingSherpa yesterday. Check it out, it’s a pretty good read. I think the DIFF does a pretty good job avoiding them, I would add.

The second comes from blogger B.L. Ochman who listed her "10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog" last week. Again, it’s a great list and I suggest you read it if you want some good advice about what makes a good corporate blog. And again, I think Quicken Loans does a pretty good job following her rules. Not perfectly, but darn close. I hope nobody ever accuses us of being too corporate or boring.

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How in the world did the Quicken Loans blog become a destination for folks having a conversation about Spirit Airlines?

This is a very interesting case study in blogging, word of mouth, and search.

Very interesting indeed.

It seems that a post on our blog has become a place for Spirit Airlines’ customers to converse about their experiences and service with Spirit.

People having a conversation about Spirit Airlines on the Quicken Loans blog? Huh?

How did this happen without anyone at Quicken Loans starting (or joining) the conversation? In fact, the only thing we’ve ever written about Spirit Airlines is a very positive experience one of our marketing project managers had last year.

Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. 

Here’s how it all went (and is still going – we just got another comment yesterday) down:

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Celebrating one year of the DIFF with the Quicken Loans blog

The Quicken Loans blog celebrates one yearAwwww. Our little baby is growing up.  Yup, our beloved experiment in controlled corporate communication chaos turns one today. 

We’ve had some ups and downs (thankfully mostly ups) and yes, we did win an award or two.  The DIFF proudly and humbly accepted a couple of Silver W3 awards for best homepage, business and best copywriting. 

Is writing for a blog considered copywriting?  I always thought coming up with stuff like "Coke – it’s the real thing" or "Built Ford tough" is copywriting.  I think of blog writing as storytelling – much less polished and more personal than typical business copywriting. 

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