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Quicken Loans Culture is Shared at Michigan’s Next Great Companies 2010 Summit

On April 21, David Carroll, Vice President of Administration at Quicken Loans attended the Michigan’s Next Great Companies 2010 Summit in Bath, Mich. and spoke about the company’s culture.

The summit brought business leaders from across the state together to help Michigan companies grow by focusing on culture and how their working environments can fuel innovation and creativity.

Michigan’s First Gentleman, Dan Mulhern, spoke about the importance of corporate culture and the keynote address was delivered by Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big.

David Carroll’s presentation was part of an informal panel in which several companies had the opportunity to discuss how they make their organization a “great place to work.”  David explained that the Quicken Loans culture is a combination of a million little things and that our ISMs (18 guiding principles) enable all team members to live the culture each day.  Quicken Loans has been named to Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for seven consecutive years.

To learn more about resources to help your business receive recognition for a positive work environment, check out the Michigan Advantage web site.

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Crain’s Detroit Business & Dan Mulhern recognize the Quicken Loans culture

ALS Cleveland Walk 014Quicken Loans is proud to have a unique culture, one which we're proud to share. You can even find our list of ISMs (a set of principles by which we live) on our website for everyone to see.

Crain's Detroit Business has an article, written by Dan Mulhern (Michigan’s First Gentleman), "Other Voices: Tough Times Test Corporate Culture"  which talks about the culture of some of the great companies in Michigan and mentions Quicken Loans as one of those:

The best companies identify what they want their ideal culture to be and define what that means and how to live it every day. In Southeast Michigan, we can look to business leaders such as Google, Valassis, Quicken Loans and Plante & Moran. Each of these companies has achieved national recognition for their commitment to their workforce.

Thanks, Dan, for your recognition of Quicken Loans pursuit of creating one of the best cultures to work in.

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My Jiibe

Jiibe, a career connector that actually cares what kind of job you get. by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

"You like to work for a company whose focus usually extends outwards towards the customer – like a funny looking belly button.

As far as being proactive goes, you want to spend most of your time planning for the future but still like to keep at least one of your big toes dipped in what’s going on with the business right now. Especially if what’s going on in the business right now is chocolate."

Alas, I have not gone off the deep end just yet. It’s just my Jiibe. Another interesting find that Matt sent out to the team last week.

Jiibe is a "user-powered online service that helps people make better decisions for a happier life." Hmm. Make me happier? I dare you.

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We agree with Detroit Pistons’ Joe Dumars – Culture Matters

By Paul J. Pickett

I was reminded of why culture matters the other night as I watched a very brief interview with Hall of Fame Detroit Pistons player-turned-President of Basketball Operations, Joe Dumars. He said

“You have to fight complacency anywhere you see it within your organization. You have to fight it anywhere you see it. So everyday I come in here, it’s about maintaining success and keeping your foot on the gas. And….we have to make sure we maintain our culture.”

I really like this quote, but I gotta tell you, being a Pistons fan has been strangely frustrating for the last five years. I say strangely frustrating because despite making it to the NBA’s version of the Final Four for the last five seasons in a row, they’ve only won the NBA championship once, back in 2004. And it’s not just that they only won the championship once, it’s that they were so close to getting back to that point time-and-time again.

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Inspiration in the office: Quicken Loans LaTonya Baldwin and Detroit’s Color Online

LaTonya Baldwin, Quicken Loans team member, runs Color Online, a community group dedicated to empowering and educating young women and children in Detroit

Not only does Quicken Loans have a mini-celebrity with her own Free Press article, we’ve got an incredible, inspirational woman who spends her precious free time running a literature group called Color Online.

LaTonya, a Vendor Analyst here at Quicken Loans, started the group in 2005 which is committed to the “promotion, empowerment and political awakening of young women.” She heads an online community for book discussion and a message board for the young women to share their own writing.

Color Online has a library at Alternatives For Girls, a non-profit organization in Southwest Detroit which has been serving homeless and high risk girls and young women since 1987. They’ll even mail books to girls who don’t have the means to make it to the library. LaTonya collects returnables here at our offices to make sure the library stays stocked. She’s also started a Wish List on Amazon so that supporters can know the types of books the library needs. They also welcome gift cards and tickets to local events.

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