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Startup Weekend is Coming to Detroit

Startup Weekend in Detroit on the Quicken Loans blogby Dave Rigotti of Career Fire (and former Quicken Loans intern)

Startup Weekend, the 54 hour event that brings together entrepreneurs to create an online company, from concept to launch, is coming to Detroit. 

It’s an event where people come together to build an online company in a weekend and all the people who help build it are given an equity stake (usually around 10%) in the company.  What’s great about it is you don’t have to be a whiz with coding.  There are opportunities to join as a marketer, project manager, and even a cook. 

The event is being held at the Compuware World Headquarters (downtown Detroit) on Nov 14-16, 2008.  It costs $40 per person.

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Former Quicken Loans intern helping people get hired with Career Fire

Former Quicken Loans intern Dave Rigotti starts Career FireDave Rigotti, a former marketing intern at Quicken Loans (damn, this kid was good), isn’t your ordinary college student. 

A senior at The University of Toledo (who, as like 10-touchdown underdogs, just whupped the University of Michigan’s butt in football, by the way) double majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing, Rigotti just launched his latest site, Career Fire

According to Dave, it’s "a website that provides articles, tips, and information for the professional – whether they are getting their first job or looking to advance further in a current career." 

Straight from his mouth:
"Times are tough.  I saw that some people where either having difficulty getting jobs or were being laid off from their current jobs, so I created this site to help people pick themselves back up and get the career of their dreams."

Like I said, Dave is good at what he does and I have no doubt this will be a cool site. Right out the door, Career Fire has good articles for folks looking for information on interviewing, resumes, and salary negotiating. There are links for great books to read and Dave’s favorite blogs – which The DIFF is one of them – of course!

Congratulations Dave, and good luck with Career Fire!

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Search and Give

Search and Give, powered by Microsoft on Quicken Loans blog, What's The DIFF?by Dave Rigotti

As The DIFF previously wrote, painless giving is really, really good.  I’m excited to write about another painless giving that’s called the Search and Give by Microsoft’s Live Search team.

It’s pretty simple and works like this: 1 cent for every search performed on the site is donated to a charity or school of the searchers choice.   In fact, there are over 800,000 non-profits organizations and 100,000 U.S. schools that a user can choose to donate. 

It works too – over $315,000 has been donated since September.  The more you use the website to search, the more you give.

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