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Simply Suzanne’s Granola is Simply Delightful!

Simply Suzanne's Granola is DELICIOUS!!!!First of all, Simply Suzanne’s Granola is, well, GREAT.

Possibly the best granola of all time.

Second of all, here’s my story of how I tasted Simply Suzanne’s Granola.

It started at the IDEA Detroit conference. Suzanne, the wizard behind the amazing concoctions, was a featured speaker at the conference (topic: why she chose to create her business in Detroit). During her presentation, Suzanne graciously handed out samples of her granola. I happily accepted one (the cherry flavor).

When I got home, I put my granola sample on my kitchen counter and relished the thought of enjoying it the next morning. That never happened.

Grover, my 11 year old mutt, ate it instead. I was mad.

So I went to Simply Suzanne’s Facebook page and left a note about how sad I was that Grover ate my granola. Suzanne replied and ended up giving me TWO free bags of granola to try.

So ate them. And loved them. So fruity. So nutty. So tasty. So cherry. So simply GREAT. Continue reading “Simply Suzanne’s Granola is Simply Delightful!” »

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Quicken Loans Celebrates One Million Closed Loans by Paying Off a Client’s Loan With the Thanks A Million Campaign

Quicken Loans Thanks A Million for closing a million loans. We're paying off a mortgage earlyWe're closing in on a million loans and that's something we think is worth celebrating.

It's such a big deal to us that we're going to recognize the millionth closed loan by paying off one lucky client's loan. That's right. We're going to pick a Quicken Loans client who closes between now and December 31, 2010 and we're going to pay off their loan. They close a loan with us and then we pay it off.

Wow! I want that deal. Wait, I can't. I work here. I don't qualify.

But you do! All you have to do is refinance or buy a home and we might pay off your loan.

So how did we get to one million loans? It all started back in 1985 when Dan Gilbert and few of his friends founded Rock Financial. One thing lead to another and Rock Financial became Quicken Loans.

Things went well over the years and today the company that Gilbert and his friends started 25 years ago is now the nation's largest retail online lender and among the top five overall retail lenders. Last year we closed about $25 billion in loans and we're on track to top that this year.

Continue reading “Quicken Loans Celebrates One Million Closed Loans by Paying Off a Client’s Loan With the Thanks A Million Campaign” »

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Canine to Five Doggy Daycare Says Welcome to Quicken Loans

Canine to Five Doggy Day Care in Detroit Gives Free Care for Quicken Loans DogsI love Canine to Five, a dog boarding and daycare facility near downtown Detroit.

I've used them to board my dogs and attended their dog park events and even took my youngest dog to training they offer.

So when Liz, Canine to Five's owner, made the incredible offer for Quicken Loans team members moving downtown (1,700 of us in the next few weeks) to attend dog daycare for free for one month, I HAD to share that here.

That's an incredible offer and I hope many of my fellow Quicken Loans team mates take advantage of it and support Canine to Five once the free offer expires.

Liz has done a great thing with Canine to Five, taking a previously abandoned building in the Cass Corridor neighborhood (just north of downtown) and turned it into a viable, clean and overall wonderful business. It's businesses like Canine to Five that are helping Detroit turn the corner and become a better place.

The neighborhood has a lot of meaning for me. I went to high school down there (at Cass Tech) and I have to say that after years of watching the area decay, it's finally turning the corner.

Continue reading “Canine to Five Doggy Daycare Says Welcome to Quicken Loans” »

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Scotty Simpson’s Fish and Chips Turns 60 Today and the Prices on the Menu Reflects It

Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips Turns 60Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips – my favorite fish and chips place of my entire life turns 60 today. And for today only, the prices are the same as the day they opened in 1950.

Scotty's story is a cool story. It's a story about a small business lasting a lot longer than anyone thought it would. It's a story of the last business still standing from the old days in Detroit's Brightmore neighborhood.

The Detroit New wrote this great piece about it last week.

Continue reading “Scotty Simpson’s Fish and Chips Turns 60 Today and the Prices on the Menu Reflects It” »

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Detroit’s Bizdom U Profiled on CNBC

Bizdom U featured on CNBCToday, Detroit’s Bizdom U entrepreneurial bootcamp was featured on CNBC’s Power Lunch program.  The segment, which features interviews with Dan Gilbert and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, focuses on the need for a strong entrepreneurial core as part of Detroit’s recovery.

Bizdom U teaches entrepreneurs everything they need to know to start a thriving business in the city of Detroit.  While undergoing four months of intensive training, the entrepreneurs develop a plan for a scalable business that must be located in Detroit.  If the business plan is ultimately approved, the entrepreneur receives funding and continued mentoring along the way. 

Check out the Bizdom U video on Youtube.

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Canine to Five – Detroit’s coolest doggy day care featured on CNN Money

Canine to Five, my favorite Detroit dog day care (and night care for that matter) was recently featured on CNN Money as a business that is beating the recession.

That's cool. I'm glad they are doing great because I really like this business and I hope they continue to grow for a long time.  Here's why I like them:

  • They offer a good service at reasonable rates
  • They have invested in a pretty run down part of Detroit and replaced an abandoned building with a thriving business
  • The owner(s) and workers are always nice and very friendly
  • They have a really cool Saturday morning dog park where you can take your dogs and meet cool people
  • They get involved in the Detroit community and support local causes
  • Rumor has it there will be a discount for Quicken Loans employees when we move downtown (sweet!)

I've attended the Saturday dog park several times and I've used Canine to Five for weekend boarding and for a dog training class I can say my dogs really seem to like the place. Here's the video of Canine to Five on CNN Money. Congrats to Liz and the staff over there. Excellent publicity for an awesome local business!

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Quicken Loans is moving to downtown Detroit – it’s official!

Quicken Loans is moving to downtown DetroitWell, you may not have heard it here first, but Quicken Loans is moving downtown. There's been several announcements about this in the past few years and lots of speculation, but now it's official.  Here's the deal:

  • 1,700 Quicken Loans team members are moving downtown in mid 2010 as the first phase. Others will follow
  • We're moving to several floors of the Compuware Building
  • This is just the beginning of Quicken Loans' dedication to rebuilding Detroit. See Dan Gilbert's quote below

“We pledge to fulfill our commitment to the city. This is an interim
step that allows us to begin transforming Detroit into a high-tech hub
of business and ingenuity,” said company founder and chairman Dan
Gilbert. “Our goal is to develop a downtown headquarters once
construction financing becomes available for large-scale building
projects the likes of which we plan to undertake.”

You can read more info and get more details here on our official Quicken Loans moving to downtown Detroit press release.

See you down there soon!

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God’s Lyric Clothing does religious inspired clothing with style

God's Lyric religious inspired clothingA few weeks back, I was at a very inspiring performance by the very creative young people of the Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit (I'll write more about them later) and ran into Angie Johnson, a former team member here at Quicken Loans.

Angie recently launched her company and clothing line – God's Lyric Clothing – and I'm impressed.

The designs are cool. Very cool. Her husband had a God's Lyric shirt on and it really looked good. I have to admit, I'm probably the last person that will wear religious inpsired clothing, but if I was to wear it, God's Lyric would be the brand.

Rumor had it that Angie got some design help for her logos from none other than our own Chris Kaufman – you might know him better as the guy who designed this blog – and the designs really are cool. Here's a little bit about God's Lyric clothing from their site – http://www.godslyric.com/index.html

Continue reading “God’s Lyric Clothing does religious inspired clothing with style” »

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