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Quicken Loans Helps Nigerian Student Reunite With Mom After 10 Years

Sometimes you read something that makes you proud. Proud to be part of an organization that does great things for people. Sometimes those people are people you’ve never heard of.

This is one of those times.

Here’s the recap: USA Today and the Detroit Free Press reported yesterday about Wayne State University  student Victor Chukwueke, a Nigerian national, who dreamed of reuniting with his family that he left 10 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor in the US. Chekwueke suffers from neurofibromatosis, a disorder that causes tumor growth in the nervous system.

Despite this, Chukweke is graduating from WSU with honors and is speaking to his graduating class at commencement.

Here’s where Quicken Loans got involved. Chukweke wanted his mother to attend his graduation and Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans founder) used connections to make sure that happened. From the Freep:

“I was reading the paper and the story caught my eye,” said Joyce Keller, philanthropic adviser for the company. Dan Gilbert…has a relative with neurofibromatosis. “With everything (Chukwueke) has been through and this one obstacle still standing in his way, it was an easy decision to see if we could help.”

Great story. Hope you like it.

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Quicken Loans Named #1 Place to Work in Metro Detroit by the Detroit Free Press

We did it. We’re #1.

The best place to work in Southeast Michigan. We love that title and we’ll wear it with pride.

This past weekend, the Detroit Free Press released its list of top places to work in Metro Detroit. And we’re the top baby. We’re the cat’s meow. The real McCoy. We’re #1. We did it.

You can view a really cool picture gallery here (featuring DIFF contributor Jen Romanowksi).

My favorite article in the series is this one – Little Things Matter to Employees – featuring Quicken Loans PR Team member Jennifer Rass.

Congratulations to everyone at Quicken Loans for this great honor. We truly are a great place to work.

Take it from me.

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Who Will Call Detroit Their New Home After 5 O’clock?

Quicken Loans new home was once again featured in the Detroit Free Press today! This time the main focus wasn’t the move into the Compuware Building downtown, but rather, the employees themselves and how they will acclimate to the transition from Livonia.

Home_img01As everyone is preparing for the big move, some will even choose to pick up their lives and move downtown with the company.” Go big or go home,” right!? Some Quicken Loans employees have recently toured downtown lofts and apartments to possibly make their new home. With the development of fresh, innovative real estate buildings downtown, there many options to choose from.

What do I think about this?

I love it! I think living in a unique loft downtown Detroit would be awesome, especially when work is right around the corner. Living in the city puts you at the heart of everything and the possibilities are endless in Detroit. People who aren’t from around here may call me or anyone else crazy for even considering this, but Detroit seems to hold a bright future in its hands. As a recent college graduate, the career and life decisions I make right now will affect my life forever. I see the decision to move downtown Detroit as an exciting opportunity to take advantage of taking part in its re-birth. It may be taking a chance, yes, but you will never know what might have been unless you take these chances.

Continue reading “Who Will Call Detroit Their New Home After 5 O’clock?” »

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Detroit’s Campus Martius named top U.S. urban park

John Gallagher of the Detroit Free Press wrote a really cool article the other day about Campus Martius (across the street from where we're moving to in downtown Detroit), and we love it. Here's a preview:

Detroit’s Campus Martius Park was named today the first-ever winner of the Urban Land Institute’s Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award, given in a national competition to recognize an outstanding example of a public open space that has catalyzed the transformation of the surrounding community.

The announcement was made this morning at ULI’s Real Estate Summit in Boston. Detroit’s park was chosen over park finalists in Boston, New York, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Greenville, S.C. for the top honor. The finalists were chosen from among 88 initial entries.

Read the full article if you'd like.

We'll be down there in about three months or so, enjoying the top U.S. urban park.

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Detroit Free Press: “How Quicken Loans lives up to name”

Detroit Free Press: "How Quicken Loans lives up to name"
Insightful new article from the Free Press' Tom Walsh this morning which talks about us, our move and how we've been dealing with the mortgage "crisis" the last couple years.

Thing is, we didn't just deal with it. We took it and found every opportunity in it to come out on top. And come out on top is exactly what we did.

In May 2009, not even 2 years into the whole mortgage melee, we reported our best month ever, blowing past our original monthly goal of $2 billion in closed loans. Then we blew past $3 billion. At month's end, we had closed just over $3.1 billion in home loans. We were beyond proud, beyond excited and beyond thankful that, through it all, America had allowed us the privilege of working with them to refinance and buy new homes.

The article, which features commentary from an interview with Quicken Loans CEO Bill Emerson from just last week, explains the what and how of the perfect storm that allowed us to have our best month ever.

From Detroit Free Press:

Continue reading “Detroit Free Press: “How Quicken Loans lives up to name”” »

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Detroit Free Press writers win the Pulitzer for text message scandal investigation

Free Press Pulitzer awarded for text message scandal coverageThis actually happened last week, but I wanted to make sure it got a quick mention on the DIFF blog.

Two Detroit Free Press reporters, Jim Schaefer and M.L. Erick, won the coveted Pulitzer (journalism's highest award) for their investigative reporting and coverage of the Kwame Kilpatrick text message scandal.

The citizens of Detroit should all thank Schaefer and Erick, whose work uncovered a multi-million dollar cover-up of the firings of police officials. The scandal effectively ended the disastrous reign of the Kilpatrick administration.

Next week, Detroit will pick a new mayor and I'm very pleased that both candidates will be a hugh improvement over the past and will signal a new beginning for Detroit.  

You can read the full coverage of the Pulitizer win at the Detroit Free Press. It's only the 9th Pulitzer in the Detroit Free Press' history. Interestingly enough, I can't find anywhere that says that the Detroit News has ever won one.

Congratulations Jim Schaefer and M.L. Erick.

And, yeah, and before I forget, as a Detroiter – thank you!

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Detroit Free Press DIFF story: Nurse Susan Zayan saves a life

From Detroit Free Press: Susan the Nurse Saves A Life I read the Detroit Free Press online everyday. In a city where so much happens every day, I am rarely caught off guard anymore. Today, I was pleasantly surprised.

This morning, the Freep featured a story about Susan Zayan. She is a nurse with the St. Joseph Mercy Health System. And yesterday she saved a man's life while not on the clock. Scott Parker had gotten out of his car to check his windshield wipers when he was hit by a semi-truck. By the time Susan got to him, he'd already lost a lot of blood from a main artery in his leg that had been severed.

Susan sprung into action and did all she could to minimize the blood loss while the ambulance was en route. She even did double-duty, keeping Scott's wife calm and having her keep her husband alert.

In the end, Scott lived. He was transported to the hospital and is doing much better now. But without the help of Susan, the story could have ended very differently.

So hats off to Susan, who is definitely The DIFF!  She took the time to help a stranger in need and ended up saving his life.

Read this great story in its entirety in this Detroit Free Press article.

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Update on A Solution That Works

We promise we won't turn the DIFF blog into a place to promote Dan Gilbert's financial rescue bailout plan called A Solution That Works (in case you didn't know that), cause that's not why we started or do this blog.

However, when a pretty cool article is written by the press or a major change happens in Dan's proposal, we'll mention it here. This is, after all, the Quicken Loans blog, and Dan Gilbert is the chairman of Quicken Loans.

Anyway, yesterday in the Detroit Free Press, Tom Walsh wrote a pretty interesting article on A Solution That Works. I won't get into the details here, just offer the link if you care to read the article.

You can also read the plan for A Solution That Works in PDF format.

That's it for now!

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Dan Gilbert’s new financial bailout rescue plan – CNBC @ 4:30 pm

Typically we never use the Quicken Loans DIFF blog for mortgage stuff. Yes, it’s what we do here at Quicken Loans, but if you’re a regular reader, you know we’re much more than that.

But today is DIFFerent. Our chairman, Dan Gilbert, will be presenting our version of a financial bailout rescue plan for Closing Bell on CNBC today at 3:15pm 4:30 pm. We’ve got a fresh take (one we feel works better) on what should happen to help the economy and Dan is ready to share it with the world. So please tune into CNBC at 3:15 4:30 if you can.

If you can’t get to the tube at that time, you can read about it in the Detroit Free Press today. If you like what you hear/read, tell everyone you know. And it they like it, keep it rolling. That is how we make a DIFFerence.

As always, if you’ve got questions or comments, our ears are open at the DIFF.

Editor’s update: If you missed the show, here’s the video of Dan Gilbert discussing his financial bailout rescue plan from CNBC

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Ernie Harwell is baseball – Happy Birthday Ernie!

Ernie Harwell statue at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

For 55 years, of which 42 were with my Detroit Tigers, Ernie Harwell called the shots on every play in a memorable way. Even though he had a slight southern side to his voice, he was a complete Detroit treasure. He celebrates being 90 years young today.

According to the Free Press, he was sent hundreds of birthday wishes to which he replied,

"Well, this is really nice that these people have responded in the
e-mails to my birthday’s celebration. Like I say, I really
don’t deserve it — but I had measles one time, and I didn’t deserve
that, either."

Funny guy. Maybe he could write a little something for the DIFF. But since he is the DIFF, we’ll honor him today. Happy Birthday, Ernie! Hope to see you on Opening Day!

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