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Detroit & Quicken Loans Featured In Delta In-Flight Magazine!

Detroit Feature in Delta's Sky MagazinePicture this – you’ve just reached 40,000 ft. in the air on your way to Bali or Hawaii or some other wonderful tropical region. You just missed #SNOMG or Snopocolypse 2011 or whatever you’d like to call it and you can’t wait to rest your feet on the sands of some far off land. The captain has just turned off the fasten seat belt sign and you reach for the compartment in front of you and grab Delta Airlines in-flight magazine thinking you’ll pass the time leafing through the pages. Little did you know, you were about to be introduced to the wonderful world of Detroit!

Delta’s Sky Magazine has put together an incredible 42 page spread about the fair and often misunderstood city of Detroit featuring none other than Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans. Delta carries people to 348 destinations in 64 countries around the world. Many of these people probably have no idea about some of the truly amazing things Detroit has to offer. Things like: Good Girls Go To Paris – a creperie started by a former French teacher, that we are home to the largest historic market district in the country or that you can drive to Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Buffalo from Detroit in 5 hours or less.

The February 2011 issue of Sky Magazine is packed with fascinating information about Detroit. Quicken Loans Chairman & Bizdom U Founder Dan Gilbert is featured discussing the incredible business opportunities that Detroit offers entrepreneurs of any variety.

It’s a new dawn in Detroit. Things are happening here and the world is beginning to recognize it. As Dan Gilbert says in the magazine: “We’re on the cusp of everything taking off in a big way…”

Not planning on hitting the big sky anytime soon? Don’t worry – you can read the entire feature here.

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Dan Gilbert’s Big Move Featured in Detroit News

As a native Detroiter I love seeing good news about the Motor City. Detroit has taken its fair share of knocks lately, but Dan Gilbert’s decision to move Quicken Loans downtown has infused some hope into those who love the city. Quicken Loans’ story was featured in today’s Detroit News, framing a positive outlook for the company and its new hometown.

Fulfilling his promise to move Quicken Loans and associated businesses downtown, Gilbert is pushing against much of mainstream thought that Detroit is too far gone to be welcoming environment for any corporation. And for those that know Gilbert, he is all about keeping his word.

Couple unpacking

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MGM Grand Detroit makes it right

MGM Grand, Detroit, MI by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

As children, we’re all reminded to “learn from our mistakes.” In business, you maintain the same policy, but it’s also recommended you take some measures to compensate those affected by your mistake and maybe even do a little something extra to make amends.

The fancy new MGM Grand, well versed in the business of hospitality, has done just that to “kiss & make up” with 4 local women, who stopped at the hotel/casino for dinner and found it difficult…well, darn near impossible to leave.

On their way to see the pricey “Lion King” at Detroit Opera House, the women got stuck in an MGM Grand elevator. A well known fear for many (including myself), the women would spend the next 2 hours trying to get help. The biggest mistake, already admitted by MGM Grand, was that the emergency button connected the women to the elevator manufacturer, which was based in Connecticut. The women tried several more times to get in touch with someone, cell phones failing and finally demanded that the manufacturer dial 911 in Detroit. Firefighters showed up in 5 minutes and broke the women free. Too late to make the “Lion King,” the women had forfeited nearly $800 in tickets while trapped in the elevator.

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We’re moving downtown: Quicken Loans and Detroit 2.0

Quicken Loans is moving to Detroit!

A press conference for Dan Gilbert with Governor Granholm and then Diff-Master Clayton Closson is in the newspaper? Something big is going on at Quicken Loans.

Though it will likely be a few years before we pack up in Livonia and start cruising down Woodward, today was an incredibly exciting day for all of us at Quicken Loans and for the great city of Detroit. It was confirmed that the months of speculation were right – we are headed downtown.

As a young career person, I couldn’t be more excited to think about the opportunities Detroit will bring me and other Quicken Loans team members. As a life-long Michigander, I’m ecstatic that Detroit is on the road to revival.

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