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Best Places to Work in IT

Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT Quicken LoansToday, Computerworld Magazine released its list of the “100 Best Places to Work in IT” and for the 7th straight year Quicken Loans is among the top-15 places to work on this prestigious list, coming in at #10.   That’s right, the top-10 of all companies in America. 

But that’s just the beginning.

Over the weekend, the Cleveland Plain Dealer also named Quicken Loans’ Cleveland Web Center as the 4th best mid-size company to work for in northern Ohio (they listed us as mid-size because they only surveyed our Ohio team members) in its annual “Top Workplaces” survey.   Way to go Crown Jewel (it’s what the folks in the Cleveland Web Center call their site)!!!!!!!!!

The best part of being on both lists is that the ranking is based almost entirely on Quicken Loans team member survey responses.  Makes me proud.

Congratulations to everyone involved in both awards.

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Dan Gilbert – A Detroit Visionary!

WXYZ’s Detroit 2020 recently featured Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, discussing his take on downtown Detroit’s future. Here’s some info from their website:

“Dan Gilbert wants to help Detroit become prosperous again.  And he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

The Chairman of Quicken Loans is moving 2,000 more workers from the suburbs to the heart of downtown Detroit.

Gilbert tells Detroit 2020 his company is talking to Apple about bring a retail store to the Chase Tower, which he recently bought.  Many of the workers coming downtown will be working at the Chase building.

Quicken Loans is the nation’s largest online lender.  Inside their headquarters at the Compuware Building, the atmosphere is Google-esque…with a ping-pong table, a slushy machine, and popcorn.  It’s also open, airy and colorful.

Gilbert also has companies that invest in entrepreneurs, which he believes are key to the city’s turnaround.

Channel 7′s Carolyn Clifford talked one-on-one with Gilbert:”

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Quicken Loans Helps Nigerian Student Reunite With Mom After 10 Years

Sometimes you read something that makes you proud. Proud to be part of an organization that does great things for people. Sometimes those people are people you’ve never heard of.

This is one of those times.

Here’s the recap: USA Today and the Detroit Free Press reported yesterday about Wayne State University  student Victor Chukwueke, a Nigerian national, who dreamed of reuniting with his family that he left 10 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor in the US. Chekwueke suffers from neurofibromatosis, a disorder that causes tumor growth in the nervous system.

Despite this, Chukweke is graduating from WSU with honors and is speaking to his graduating class at commencement.

Here’s where Quicken Loans got involved. Chukweke wanted his mother to attend his graduation and Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans founder) used connections to make sure that happened. From the Freep:

“I was reading the paper and the story caught my eye,” said Joyce Keller, philanthropic adviser for the company. Dan Gilbert…has a relative with neurofibromatosis. “With everything (Chukwueke) has been through and this one obstacle still standing in his way, it was an easy decision to see if we could help.”

Great story. Hope you like it.

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April is National Poetry Month

The Academy of American Poets launched National Poetry Month in 1996 and is observed every April. Publishers, booksellers, libraries, schools and poets across the country celebrate poetry and its contribution to American culture.  In honor of this literary art, behold, a poem about the mortgage process at Quicken Loans.

Engineered to Amaze

Just saw a commercial about low mortgage rates

And wondered how long the qualification process takes

I picked up the phone and dialed toll free

A Quicken Loans team member happily greeted me

They pulled my credit, but it was no surprise

My hard work indeed made my credit score rise

We talked about the documents needed to refinance

Sending everything electronically made me want to dance!

No trips to a bank that closes at five

I’ve got a busy schedule, don’t they know I’m alive?

Quicken Loans made it easy to share my income and assets

To determine the loan program that fits my life best

When I heard my new payment I was almost in shock

I could hardly wait to secure my rate lock

I hopped online and visited MyQL

Where my personal page held every detail

I signed my documents online with access 24 hours a day

It’s clear this company is always finding a better way!

They reviewed my profile like a smooth ninja fighter

I could not believe these were the skills of a loan underwriter

Communication was key, no stone left unturned

As the process moved forward I was never concerned

Got a question or need information you can use?

Just visit their website and read Mortgage News

Whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance a home

Quicken Loans exceeds expectations, they polish it up like chrome

FHA Loans, VA Loans or conventional,

Making you feel like the king or queen of your castle is intentional

I had no clue when I picked up the phone

I’d actually enjoy getting a home loan

My loan was closed in about 30 days

They’ve been doing this for years, it’s not just a phase

Their great client service is Engineered to Amaze!

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Quicken Loans Training Wins National Award From Training Magazine

Quicken Loans Training team will national training award
It’s good to be among the best.

And that’s exactly what Training Magazine recently said the Quicken Loans Training team is – among the 125 best in America, to be exact.

Training Magazine just released its list of “2011 Training Top 125″ – and we’re on it. Here’s a little from their website: Continue reading “Quicken Loans Training Wins National Award From Training Magazine” »

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Quicken Loans Customer Satisfaction Microsite Launched by J.D. Power and Associates

Quicken Loans Customer Satisfaction J.D. Power and Associates MicrositeJ.D. Power and Associates recently launched a microsite (about Quicken Loans being named “highest in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination”) that we couldn’t be more proud of. I won’t take up too much space going on and on about it. Here’s a little from the intro to get you started.

From J.D. Power’s microsite:

“Quicken Loans Ranks Highest Nationwide in Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study

Scores Highest in Three of Four Study Factors

According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study,SMQuicken Loans ranks highest in overall customer satisfaction among U.S. mortgage originators. With a score of 826 (on a 1,000-point scale), Quicken Loans exceeds the industry average by 92 points and achieves the highest score in the study on three of four key factors. Based on feedback from nearly 3,500 customers who originated a new mortgage, the study was conducted in July and August 2010.”

You can read the entire microsite at http://www.jdpower.com/microsites/quicken/

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Detroit & Quicken Loans Featured In Delta In-Flight Magazine!

Detroit Feature in Delta's Sky MagazinePicture this – you’ve just reached 40,000 ft. in the air on your way to Bali or Hawaii or some other wonderful tropical region. You just missed #SNOMG or Snopocolypse 2011 or whatever you’d like to call it and you can’t wait to rest your feet on the sands of some far off land. The captain has just turned off the fasten seat belt sign and you reach for the compartment in front of you and grab Delta Airlines in-flight magazine thinking you’ll pass the time leafing through the pages. Little did you know, you were about to be introduced to the wonderful world of Detroit!

Delta’s Sky Magazine has put together an incredible 42 page spread about the fair and often misunderstood city of Detroit featuring none other than Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans. Delta carries people to 348 destinations in 64 countries around the world. Many of these people probably have no idea about some of the truly amazing things Detroit has to offer. Things like: Good Girls Go To Paris – a creperie started by a former French teacher, that we are home to the largest historic market district in the country or that you can drive to Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Buffalo from Detroit in 5 hours or less.

The February 2011 issue of Sky Magazine is packed with fascinating information about Detroit. Quicken Loans Chairman & Bizdom U Founder Dan Gilbert is featured discussing the incredible business opportunities that Detroit offers entrepreneurs of any variety.

It’s a new dawn in Detroit. Things are happening here and the world is beginning to recognize it. As Dan Gilbert says in the magazine: “We’re on the cusp of everything taking off in a big way…”

Not planning on hitting the big sky anytime soon? Don’t worry – you can read the entire feature here.

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Quicken Loans client makes a t-shirt to thank banker Amanda Dumount

This is pretty cool. And short.

Cool and short. We like that. Anyway, Quicken Loans banker Amanda Dumount had a client who PROMISED to make her a t-shirt as a tribute if Amanda could get the client a mortgage rate of 4.625%.

Amanda did.

The client made the shirt.

We love it.

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Happy New Year 2011 from the Quicken Loans Blog

Happy New Year from your friends at the Quicken Loans DIFF blog. Another great year ahead of us. What does 2011 have in store? We’ll find out soon!

The Quicken Loans Blog team wishes you a Happy New Year 2011

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Quicken Loans is So Awesome We Won a National Philanthropy Award

IMG_0615Quicken Loans Inc. continues to re-define routine corporate culture after being awarded the National Philanthropy Day Outstanding Corporation Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Detroit Chapter. The award recognizes organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life in their community and around the world.

 “This honor is a tribute to our commitment to make a difference,” said Wendy Kemp, AVP of Community Relations at Quicken Loans. “Our team members, our clients, and our community – all shape who we are everyday.”

Kemp accepted the award in front of approximately 500 people representing over 100 non-profit organizations.

Last year, Quicken Loans donated more than $1 million to 250 non-profits and charitable organizations throughout southeast Michigan and northeast Ohio. Over the past five years, Quicken Loans has partnered with and contributed more than $5.1 million to 513 different charities. Continue reading “Quicken Loans is So Awesome We Won a National Philanthropy Award” »

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