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Volunteer From the Comfort of Your Own Phone

Be Extraordinary

There are a lot of iPhone apps out there, some being more useful then others.  Some apps help with productivity, some let you be creative, others are games, and many help you get from place to place.  But the other day I came upon a completely different kind of app.  It’s an app that lets me volunteer, right from my phone! 

The Extraordinaries is an app that gives people an opportunity to help others while they’re going about their daily lives.  While you’re riding the subway to work, help AmeriCorps by tagging images in their archives.  Look at the photo and describe what you see.  Or when you’re walking with your kids in the park, take a photo of litter to help DoSomething.org raise awareness about pollution.  The Natural Area Preservation in Ann Arbor, Michigan just needs people to turn GPS on through the app when they walk down a trail in Ann Arbor.  And with the recent earthquake in Haiti, there are a lot of missing and displaced people.  You can look at some photos and describe the people in them so their loved ones can find them.

From the BeExtra.org website: “The Extraordinaries allows people to complete micro-tasks for organizations, causes or people they're passionate about, using a mobile phone or web browser, in a few minutes of spare time.”

We’re really busy people.  We have work and school and football games.  We spend time with our friends and our families.  We clean our houses and mow our lawns.  We want to help others and do more than just give money, but where do we find the time?  Luckily the guys over at BeExtra.org make it easy for us with the Extraordinaries iPhone app.  Of all the cool apps out there, I think this is one of the coolest.  And these guys are certainly doing something extraordinary. 

For more ideas on "ways to make a DIFFerence", check out this article on Time.com.

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