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April is National Poetry Month

The Academy of American Poets launched National Poetry Month in 1996 and is observed every April. Publishers, booksellers, libraries, schools and poets across the country celebrate poetry and its contribution to American culture.  In honor of this literary art, behold, a poem about the mortgage process at Quicken Loans.

Engineered to Amaze

Just saw a commercial about low mortgage rates

And wondered how long the qualification process takes

I picked up the phone and dialed toll free

A Quicken Loans team member happily greeted me

They pulled my credit, but it was no surprise

My hard work indeed made my credit score rise

We talked about the documents needed to refinance

Sending everything electronically made me want to dance!

No trips to a bank that closes at five

I’ve got a busy schedule, don’t they know I’m alive?

Quicken Loans made it easy to share my income and assets

To determine the loan program that fits my life best

When I heard my new payment I was almost in shock

I could hardly wait to secure my rate lock

I hopped online and visited MyQL

Where my personal page held every detail

I signed my documents online with access 24 hours a day

It’s clear this company is always finding a better way!

They reviewed my profile like a smooth ninja fighter

I could not believe these were the skills of a loan underwriter

Communication was key, no stone left unturned

As the process moved forward I was never concerned

Got a question or need information you can use?

Just visit their website and read Mortgage News

Whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance a home

Quicken Loans exceeds expectations, they polish it up like chrome

FHA Loans, VA Loans or conventional,

Making you feel like the king or queen of your castle is intentional

I had no clue when I picked up the phone

I’d actually enjoy getting a home loan

My loan was closed in about 30 days

They’ve been doing this for years, it’s not just a phase

Their great client service is Engineered to Amaze!

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Quicken Loans Has Closed Over One Million Loans!

After 25 years, we did it.  Quicken Loans has reached and surpassed a major milestone.  We’ve closed our millionth loan!  Watch the video above to view our highly “technical” process for keeping track of all our loans and meet the Biedermanns – our one millionth closed client!  If you’ve ever closed a loan with Quicken Loans – thank you.  If you have yet to do so, now is a great time!  There’s still time to enter our Thanks A Million Giveaway and get your mortgage paid off!

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Quicken Loans Celebrates One Million Closed Loans by Paying Off a Client’s Loan With the Thanks A Million Campaign

Quicken Loans Thanks A Million for closing a million loans. We're paying off a mortgage earlyWe're closing in on a million loans and that's something we think is worth celebrating.

It's such a big deal to us that we're going to recognize the millionth closed loan by paying off one lucky client's loan. That's right. We're going to pick a Quicken Loans client who closes between now and December 31, 2010 and we're going to pay off their loan. They close a loan with us and then we pay it off.

Wow! I want that deal. Wait, I can't. I work here. I don't qualify.

But you do! All you have to do is refinance or buy a home and we might pay off your loan.

So how did we get to one million loans? It all started back in 1985 when Dan Gilbert and few of his friends founded Rock Financial. One thing lead to another and Rock Financial became Quicken Loans.

Things went well over the years and today the company that Gilbert and his friends started 25 years ago is now the nation's largest retail online lender and among the top five overall retail lenders. Last year we closed about $25 billion in loans and we're on track to top that this year.

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Plant a Tree Without Leaving Your Home!

Green is good. But for most of us, we've got too much going on to really help the environment. Well, there’s good news. With the help of the Odwalla juice company, you can now make a difference from the comfort of your own home!


Odwalla is sponsoring its popular “Plant a Tree” contest, making it possible for states to buy new trees for their state parks and recreation areas.  For every Michigan vote received, Odwalla will donate $1 toward tree purchases for Michigan.  There is no contribution required.  According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Michigan received more than $50,000 from Odwalla in 2009. 

So go check it out, pick your state of choice and plant a tree. The voting continues through August 15, 2010 or until 175,000 total trees are donated in the U.S.

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Quicken Loans Breaks Top 10 in “100 Best Places to Work in IT”

Finding the best IT people to drive your organization is one of the key ingredients to its success. From the engineers to the help desk, each member of the IT team helps their company ead in cutting edge technologies.

The focus on attracting top IT talent is why Quicken Loans is proud to announce that it has placed seventh in Computerworld's “100 Best Places to Work in Technology" list, making this the sixth-straight year it has ranked among the top-15 companies.

100 best

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Quicken Loans has a place for our clients to “live” – Quicken Loans Qtopia!

Quicken Loans has a place for clients to live - Quicken Loans Qtopia! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

After you work with a company, what do you do? Forget about them; maybe tell a friend if you had a good experience? Do they ever offer you discounts, free advice, educational materials, news, magazine or anything just for being a client? Probably not.

Well, that’s not how we do it here at Quicken Loans. We love our clients and now we have an amazing new way of showing it – Quicken Loans Qtopia! It’s a new, interactive site where all Quicken Loans clients can "live" after they’ve closed on their loan.

We’ve created a virtual community (you know we’re always utilizing our cutting-edge technology) with a ton of different "places" you can visit and use:

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