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Urban “Drive-In” at Detroit’s Burton Theatre

Burton Theater Cinema Barbeque

Image via The Burton Theatre's Facebook Page. 

The Burton Theatre is a prime example of what makes Detroit so great.  The theater is the product of four friends who wanted to open a movie theater in Detroit, and decided to do so in a vacant public school.  It's a really cool story and you can read more about it here.

Over the holiday weekend, the Burton decided to up their game.

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“Living In” the Movies: Product & Home Design Inspired by Film

Design Sponge's "Living In" movies series

One of my favorite home & product design blogs, Design*Sponge has a recurring feature that I just LOVE.  It's called "Living In" and it utilizes some of the most notable films ever to grace the silver screen and showcases products that would allow you to convert your surroundings into their world.  Today they featured a quintessential film from my childhood, Stand By Me.  I love this movie and the inspiration boards she created using various screenshots made me swoon.  I want everything!  Well, except the blueberry pie…

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