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Work Hard, Play Hard: The Quicken Loans Career Fair Experience

by Michael Gonzales (social media intern with the Quicken Loans Pulse team)

I went to the Quicken Loans career fair on April 2, 2011. It seemed like every other career fair that I’ve been to: a lobby with long lines, registration tables and job hunters wearing their Sunday best. From there, we were escorted through security gates and were told to go upstairs. It was a typical, corporate career fair; the kind that all business students and all their business classes prepare for… or so I thought.

Quicken Loans Career Fair 2011 - Detroit Jobs

When I got to the second floor I was greeted by several Quicken Loans team members directing me to the cafeteria. The first thing that I did when I got there was fill out a quick survey about my interests. Then, they asked me to tell them one interesting fact about myself. It was weird, being asked to share an interesting fact about myself at a career fair. It almost felt elementary. I was used to going to interviews that focused on the employers and didn’t place much emphasis on who the potential employee was. When I turned in my survey, I was directed to my “team’s” booth. As a marketing student at Wayne State University, I really wanted to meet the marketing team. Continue reading “Work Hard, Play Hard: The Quicken Loans Career Fair Experience” »

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Quicken Loans Interns Embrace Our New Home

Quicken Loans interns had a great time yesterday getting a “taste of Detroit” with Connect After 5 at the Summer Intern Program Kick-Off held at the YMCA downtown. Connect After 5 creates fun, after-work events for employees of local Detroit businesses to socialize and utilize what the city has to offer. Our interns met and mingled with many others, while enjoying food and giveaways from Detroit restaurants and venues. Businesses took over tables and supplied interns with their information and knowledge of the city. The event didn’t stop at food though; there was a DJ to entertain, a photo booth and bean bag toss. At the end of the night interns won prizes such as gift certificates, money and signed baseballs through random drawings. I think it’s safe to say that the event was a success and an awesome start to the summer!

Displayed below is an image of the event, photo courtesy of Connect After 5.

Intern Meeting

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