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Work Hard, Play Hard: The Quicken Loans Career Fair Experience

by Michael Gonzales (social media intern with the Quicken Loans Pulse team)

I went to the Quicken Loans career fair on April 2, 2011. It seemed like every other career fair that I’ve been to: a lobby with long lines, registration tables and job hunters wearing their Sunday best. From there, we were escorted through security gates and were told to go upstairs. It was a typical, corporate career fair; the kind that all business students and all their business classes prepare for… or so I thought.

Quicken Loans Career Fair 2011 - Detroit Jobs

When I got to the second floor I was greeted by several Quicken Loans team members directing me to the cafeteria. The first thing that I did when I got there was fill out a quick survey about my interests. Then, they asked me to tell them one interesting fact about myself. It was weird, being asked to share an interesting fact about myself at a career fair. It almost felt elementary. I was used to going to interviews that focused on the employers and didn’t place much emphasis on who the potential employee was. When I turned in my survey, I was directed to my “team’s” booth. As a marketing student at Wayne State University, I really wanted to meet the marketing team. Continue reading “Work Hard, Play Hard: The Quicken Loans Career Fair Experience” »

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Leather rose hair barrettes for a job well done – Quicken Loans recruiters

Quicken Loans HR team thanked for a job well doneSometimes you get more than just a simple thanks for helping fellow team members.

That's what happened to Lindsay Greene and Sara Moore of the Quicken Loans HR Team.

They did such a great job helping a new team member (Kevin – I don't know his last name) that he sent them the following note:

“Thanks so much for working with me during my hiring process.  You are both a great asset to the company!”

Their compliment was received on a hand written card and both Lindsey and Sara received a beautiful hand-made leather barrette from Kevin.

It's nice to be recognized for a job well done. It's incredible to receive a hand-made leather piece of art.

Very cool.

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